Monday, December 29, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I rarely post on Monday since my Design Wall seldom changes.  I am surprising slow in the progress department.  This is my Embroidered BOM project.  I hope to finish piecing the top this afternoon.
I should have used darker colors in the embroideries.  Now I just have to figure out what to do for borders.  I am off to visit Judy's to see what others are working on.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Yarn report Week 52

I can't believe this will be the final Yarn Report for the year.   The numbers will speak for themselves

Yarn in this week:  0
Yarn out this week:  220 yards (1/2 skein)
Yarn in YTD: 18185 yards (55 skeins)
Yarn out YTD:  7780 yards (34 skeins)

Counting skeins looks more productive than yardage.  Although I am not going to promise that I won't purchase anymore yarn, I do hope to make a sizeable dent in my stash.  Any yarn I but will be for a specific project or challenge.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yarn Report Week 51

I have completely lost my mind.  I have more than enough knitting projects to last me a lifetime.  I have been toying with the idea of enrolling in the Loopy Academy.  Whatever possessed me to "enroll" with only 10 days left in the semester--but I did.  I know I won't finish on time but I decided to join the fun. 
I added 3 skeins of lovely yarn for a total of 885 yards.  On the left is Blue Moon Fiber Art Socks that Rock lightweight in Tea and Alchemy.  This will be for the Irish Mesh Cowl.  The blue skein in the middle is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Cermak for the Irish Hiking Mittens.  And lastly, Shibui Baby Alpaca DK in Bordeaux for the Whitman hat.

I am pretty sure I don't have any time left this year to buy yarn!!

My totals so far this year are:

Yarn in this week:  885 yards (3 skeins )
Yarn out this week:  0 yards (0 skeins)
Yarn in YTD: 18185 yards (55 skeins)
Yarn out YTD: 5308 yards (25 skeins)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Loopy Academy

I am convinced that I am crazy with a capital K.  Has anyone heard of Loopy Academy?  I was going to be strong and pass on this knitting challenge.  I almost succeeded.  But today I succumbed to the temptation and lure of more yarny goodness.

I just pressed the place order button. At the moment I plan on knitting:
I am thinking of this as an early start on next year's Christmas gifts!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

On and (Off) the Needles and Yarn Report Week 50

I am trying to catch up with my knitting and yarn report!  Too many parties this week hampered my efforts.  But with the bandages off and a very easy project, I finished a last minute Christmas gift and used up some yarn--Yeah!!!!
 Every now and again I will knit the same pattern.  And if it is a repeat, I never, repeat, never use the same yarn--until now.

The Gap-tastic Cowl has been a favorite with my daughters.  My son's girlfriend loved the pattern and the color of the third one I made for my almost granddaughter.  So here are two Gaptastic cowls in Madelinetosh ASAP Dachshund.  They are now ready for a little gentle blocking.

Yarn in this week:  0
Yarn out this week:  360 yards (4 skeins)
In YTD:  17330 yards (19 skeins)
Out YTD:  5308 yards (24 skeins)

Friday, December 5, 2014

On the Needles

Very little progress has been made with knitting!  I will be going to the hand clinic on Monday.  I did this the day before Thanksgiving while dicing the last half of the last onion!    I tried knitting on the sleeve of my Custom Fit V neck cardigan but the tension is a little off.  I am almost finished the first sleeve.  Hopefully I will have a more manageable bandage next week.

Yarn Report--Week 49

I have not done a very good job of recording my yarn purchases.  Eat Sleep Knit had their Black Friday sale last week and I had several projects lined up and decided to purchase the yarn.
These 4 skeins of Madelinetosh ASAP in Dachshund will be used to make yet another Gap-tastic cowl.  I don't often make the same pattern twice and never use the same yarn twice.  But I was asked to make one in the same yarn.
This is an 4 skeins of Madelinetosh ASAP in Ink.  I was to make the Latte Coat for my new grandson and his mom requested Navy Blue.
I added two skeins of Madelinetosh Sock.  The skein on the left is Whiskey Barrel and the one on the right is Cosmos.  I will make fingerless mitts or a cowl.

This is Mrs. Croby's Hat Box in Great Tailed Grackle.  It has lovely shades of green, blue green and dark grey.  These will be for a matching set of fingerless mitts and a cowl.

We were taking a car trip a few weeks ago and I had planned on knitting socks while in the car.  But I left the yarn on the table.  This was an impulse purchase since I am not crazy about knitting socks.  The first skein on the left is Done Roving Yarn in Seaside Botanicals.  It reminds me of Mardi Gras.  Second from the left is Ella Rae Lace Merino in greys and blue grey--this might become a cowl instead of socks.  And the two skeins on the right are Plymouth Happy Feet in multi purple and teal and a red purple for the heel and cuff.

The last three skeins are from A Hundred Ravens in Flaming June--I love orange even though I look wretched in it and Urban Spring which may become a shawl.

Yardage In recently:  4367 yards (19 skeins)
Yardage out recently:  0 (0 skeins)
Yardage in YTD 17330 52 skeins)
Yardage out YTD: 4948 (21 skeins)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Get it Done

Even though I didn't make much progress in November,  I am hopeful December will be better.  But who am I kidding with the holidays "nipping at my heels".

  1. Complete Fabulous Flowers Machine embroidered top
  2. Complete Guild Holiday challenge--borders, quilting, binding, label
  3. Sock Class with Sue finish at least one pair of socks
  4. Work on Custom Fit V neck cardigan--making progress
  5. Heartstrings black and white blocks:  need 48 5 done
  6. Label and name last year's mystery quilt
  7. WIP:  The Joy of Life--working on it
  1. Complete Fabulous Flowers Machine Embroidered top
  2. Hoot Quilt for little Mr. C--3 blocks done
  3. Finish Pot of Gold Socks--Sue's Class
  4. Continue working on Custom Fit V neck cardigan
  5. Joy of Life Applique--finish block 2 and 3
  6. Prepare for 2015  blog knitting, quilting and needlework challenges
I spent today organizing my binders and lists.  I get excited with the new year coming--a clean slate.

            Friday, November 28, 2014

            On the Needles

            Thanksgiving turned out not to be the holiday I planned.
            I had an unfortunate run in with a knife while prepping on Wednesday.  I spent the afternoon in the ER getting patched up.  And then the Big Guy drove us home in snow and sleet.

            The pies never got made.  But we managed to have a lovely dinner.  It is the people that make the holiday.

            Unfortunately I am having difficulty knitting.  But I am making steady but slow progress on my custom fit sweater.  The first sleeve is almost done.

            Monday, November 17, 2014

            Design Wall Monday

            Our guild has a holiday challenge to make something for ourselves.  It is due at our Dec meeting and I am determined to get this done.  I am not very good at machine quilting.  But I didn't let that stop me.  If I don't practice I will never improve.

            I machine embroidered a Bird Brain Designs' pattern, Snow Happens  I hope to finish the quilting tomorrow and then add the binding.

            BOM Away Monday

            I have another confession to make.  I like BOM's.  And I have far to many started to even consider another one but I doubt that will stop me.  I already have two in mind will start in 2015 and have started planning my fabric choices.

            These are the projects I have started.  At least the closet is tidy--now.  So I chose one and hope to work on it steadily.  I found a lovely blog,What a Hoot Quilts.  I can post on BOM Away Monday for a little accountability.  I have been wanting to work on The Joy of Life and decided to make that my go to BOM project.  I think I purchased this back in 2009.  I'm not really sure.  But I am determined to make progress and finish it.

            Saturday, November 15, 2014

            Where to Begin

            What a month--happiness, joy, mourning, frustration.  My sister's MIL passed away after a short but debilitating  bout with pancreatic cancer.  She lived with my sister and The Big Guy and I got to know her.  After attending her funeral services we went to Washington DC.  Youngest Daughter was two weeks late and she was going to be induced.  After forty hours of labor Little Mr. C was born.  He is 7lbs 6 oz. of pure loveliness and joy.  It was so difficult leaving DC this morning. But we are back in MA.

            While on our trip,  my laptop was hacked and my emails and documents were kidnapped.  I hadn't heard about this until my sister told me that this has been going on.  I don't tend to keep a lot of emails but my documents are gone.  This is so frustrating!!!  I know this is the least important annoyance in my life.  Documents can be recreated.  But prior to the "hijacking"  my computer  had been infected with some nasty viruses that my security program did not pick up.  I spent the better part of 7 hours on the phone with three different support people that could not resolve my issues.  A friend put me in touch with a local computer tech who has resolved most of my problems.  I will let him know about the hijacking.

            I have to say that at the moment my computer is not my friend. 

            I think after a good night's sleep, I can tackle the computer mess.  Did I mention that I stayed in the labor delivery for all but 8 hours.  I am a little tired.

            Sunday, November 2, 2014

            October's progress and November's dreams

            October wasn't as productive as I would have liked.  But I have high hopes for November.  Even with the holidays coming,  I hop to make some progress.  I have already started making lists for 2015!

            1. Eat Sleep Knit Q4 challenge
            2. Eat Sleep Knit Christmas stocking challenge
            3. Organize sewing room--in progress
            4. Fabulous Flowers machine embroidery--in progress
            5. Guild holiday challenge project--in progress
            6. Heartstrings black and white blocks--in progress
            1. Complete Fabulous Flowers Machine embroidered top
            2. Complete Guild Holiday challenge--borders, quilting, binding, label
            3. Sock Class with Sue finish at least one pair of socks
            4. Work on Custom Fit V neck cardigan
            5. Heartstrings black and white blocks:  need 48 5 done
            6. Label and name last year's mystery quilt
            7. WIP:  The Joy of Life

            Friday, October 24, 2014

            On the Needles

            I started a class on knitting socks toe up with an after-thought heel.  Sock knitting has never been on top of my knitting list.  But I found some yarn that "spoke" to me.
            The yarn is Done Roving Yarns, Frolicking Feet in color way Pot of Gold.

            Friday, October 3, 2014

            On the Needles

            I am making slow but steady progress on my first Custom Fit sweater.  The back and right front are done and I casted on the left front last night.
            I have put all of my other knitting projects and challenges on hold until I finish this one. 

            Monday, September 29, 2014

            Design Wall Monday

            I can't remember ever participating in Design Wall Monday.  Most of my quilts are hand applique and I rarely have much progress to show. 
            Our guild had a "petal" swap last year and we have until May 2015 to put it together.
            This is the project so far.  I had lots of left over petals--enough for 2 more quilts.
            They were put together in a very random fashion.  I haven't done this much machine piecing in a very long time.

            Sunday, September 28, 2014

            Yarn Report Week 39

            Last week a few friends and I went on our first yarn crawl!  It was so much fun.  I can't wait to do it again.  I only added 2 skeins of beautiful merino.  Each skein is 500 yards.
            I totally surprised myself with my self control.

            Yarn in this week:  2 skeins=1000 yards
            Yarn out this week:  0 (but I have been working on my V-neck cardigan)
            In YTD:  33 skeins=12963 yards
            Out YTD:  21 skeins=4948 yards.

            Sunday, September 14, 2014

            Stash Report Week 37

            There has been very change in my fabric numbers.  I have been obsessed with the knitting bug.  But I have a yearning to pick up the needle and thread.

            Fabric in this week:  4.5 yards (background for a Holiday project)
            Fabric out this week:  4 yards ( cute little blankets for little Mr. C)
            Out YTD:  61.25
            In YTD:  16.25

            Now my yarn stashing is another story!!

            Saturday, September 13, 2014

            August progess and September goals

            Started this post last week and it slipped through the cracks.

            1. Finish Puerperium Sweater--needs buttons
            2. Christmas Stocking for Little Mr. C
            3. BOM Tell it to the Stars and Wayside Embroidery
            4. Complete Camp Loopy #3  Reader's Wrap
            5. Rolled brim hat for Little Mr. C
            1. Complete Little Kate's Christmas Cowl
            2. Wayside Fabulous Flowers BOM
            3. Start Quilt Guild Holiday challenge
            4. Cast on V-neck custom fit cardigan
            5. Applique Petal swap plate designs

            Let's see how far I get

            Yarn report Week 37

            Several finishes made a change in my numbers!

            Yarn in this week:  1017 yards (3 skeins)
            Yarn out this week: 410 yards (5 skeins)
            In YTD:  11,963
            Out YTD:  4948

            Friday, September 12, 2014

            On and (Off) the Needles

            I have two finishes and WIP.  Last weekend the Big Guy and I went to DC for our youngest daughter's baby shower.  I finished a rolled brim baby hat on the way down and added it to the box of hand made baby items.
            This is what is leftover.  I didn't have an opportunity to take a picture of the hat.  But I was very pleased.
            There is another Christmas finish--Gap-tastic Cowl.  I fell in love with the name of the yarn--Madelinetosh ASAP in Dachshund. 
            It just needs a little blocking.  The yarn is so soft and plush.  Little Kate (who isn't little but a very beautiful young woman) will be able to wrap this around her neck twice and bring it up as a hood for those cold, snowy Maine days.

            And my newest project is a Custom Fit sweater for me!  I think of this as my "big girl" attempt at knitting.  The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock and the color is Blackbird.  I have never successfully knit a sweater for me.

            I love the detail of the hem.  It isn't a traditional ribbing but a little twisted cable.
            I must admit I am a bit nervous but very excited about this project.

            I am off to visit Judy and see what other's are knitting up.


            Tuesday, September 2, 2014

            Goals for September

            All things considered I am not too disappointed with August's to-do list.  I had been doing fairly well keeping up with Tell it to the Stars but seem to have fallen a little behind.  I should be able to catch up this month.  September's goals are a more than I will accomplish but I will see how far I get.

            1. Finish Puerperium Sweater--needs buttons
            2. Christmas Stocking for Little Mr. C
            3. BOM Tell it to the Stars and Wayside Embroidery
            4. Complete Camp Loopy #3  Reader's Wrap
            1. Complete Little Kate's Christmas Cowl
            2. BOM Tell it to the Stars August and September
            3. Wayside Fabulous Flowers BOM
            4. Start Quilt Guild Holiday challenge
            5. Cast on V-neck custom fit cardigan
            6. Complete two machine embroidered blocks of Hoot
            7. Add to Hexagon stash
            Have you started thinking about 2015?  I found my mind drifting toward next year's finishes.  Right now I want to live in 2014 and not leave it just yet.

            Friday, August 29, 2014

            Yarn Report Week 35

            I have a few finishes to share with you and a few projects in the making.  I reported in my previous post that I completed Camp Loopy #3.
            This photo shows the edging design that I think is pretty.  The wrap is being blocked and will make its way to the nursing home for someone.

            Another summer challenge that I have been participating in is as Eat Sleep Knit Yarnathon.  The challenge for this quarter was to choose one of the first patterns we added to a Ravelry queue.  I found two baby sweater patterns that I had saved when I first signed up on Ravelry--Puerperium and Abernathy.  I bought yarn for both but have only finished Puerperium.

            The yarn is Madelinetosh Merino DK in Jasper.  I will be taking this to the baby shower next weekend. 

            I did add a little more yarn to my stash but I think I know what I am going to do with it!!!

            In this week:  1750 yards (5 skeins)
            Out this week:  900 yards (6 skeins)
            In YTD:  10,946 yards (28 skeins)
            Out YTD:  4538 yards (16 skeins)

            Camp Loopy Project #3

            Camp Loopy 3 is finished and blocking!  The challenge was to knit something in our favorite color and at least 800 yards. Red is at the top of my list.  Since I am not a fast knitter, I needed a pattern without too much detail. I chose the pattern, Reader's Wrap by Lisa Knits.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Aran.  The picture doesn't show off the seed stitch edging very well.  But it is a very pretty design element.

            Sunday, August 24, 2014

            A New Obsession

            I have a new obsession--Amy Herzog and Custom Fit.  I have never had any success knitting a sweater for myself.  While I love knitting hats, scarves and cowls for my family,  I am always dreaming of a perfectly fitting sweater.  My measurements are taken and I have signed up for Maker.  A trip via the Internet to The Loopy Ewe and the purchase of some beautiful Blue Moon Fibers yarn.  With any luck, I will be swatching by the end of the week and casting on.  Wish me luck!!

            Friday, August 22, 2014

            On the Needles

            I have been working feverishly on Camp Loopy #3.  The pattern is Lisa Knits Reader Wrap and the yarn is Cascade Aran in Ruby. 
            I am hoping to gift this to someone in the nursing home.

            Friday, August 8, 2014

            Yarn report Week 32

            I may have been in Ireland but that didn't stop me from adding to my yarn stash--and none of it was bought in Ireland.
            When ordering for a project for Eat Sleep Knit I miscalculated how much I needed of the Dream in Color bluefish.  So I needed to order another skein.  And rather than only order one skein, I found some lovely Madelinetosh ASAP for a Christmas gift cowl.  The color is Dachshund.  I almost chose Whiskey Barrel.  I may have to make two cowls!
            That took care of internet yarn shopping.  But there is more.  Youngest daughter is expecting a baby boy in November.  My first night back in the States she calls with a bit of panic in her voice.  This new little cherub doesn't have a Christmas Stocking.  We have a little family tradition of knitted stockings from my trusty needles.  So an emergency visit to the yarn store was in order.
            Mom to be chose grey and blue.  I think these will do nicely.  While purchasing this yarn, I saw a Sirdar Crofter which I thought would make a lovely newborn hat.  It jumped into my bag (after I paid for it).
            But I did finish two waterfall scarves and Puerperium cardigan.  The sweater is blocking and needs buttons.  The scarves need to have their ends woven in and a little light blocking.

            Yarn in this week:  1240 yards
            Yarn out this week;  411 yards
            Yarn in YTD: 9196 yards
            Yarn out YTD:  3638 yards

            I have a lot of knitting to do before the end of the year!!!!


            On the Needles Friday

            I am back and ready to go!!!  We just returned from a trip to Pennsylvania and Ireland.  As much as I hated vacation to end, I am happy to be back.  I love routine and I am more than ready.  It is amazing how much knitting can be done while waiting in airports and sitting on a plane.  Currently on my needles is Camp Loopy #3--knit at least 800 yards in my favorite color.
            The pattern is Reader's Wrap from Lisa Knits and the yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Aran in Ruby.  The wrap is almost half done.  I hope to make the August 31 deadline.

            Tuesday, July 22, 2014

            Camp Loopy #3

            The Loopy Ewe is one of my favorite go-to sites for yarn.  I am continuing my camping tradition this summer.  Our third challenge for August was to knit or crochet at least 800 yards of our favorite color.  Now, my favorite color is red--because my husband said so!!  I actually do like red.  But he loves it when I wear anything red.  Since I will be in Ireland when the third challenge begins, I want to choose something simple that would be easy to work on while on a bus or plane.  I chose the pattern Reader's Wrap by Lisa Knits.  And I chose Cascade Aran in Ruby.
            Unfortunately, I won't be visiting the Aran Islands on this trip.

            Sunday, July 20, 2014

            On and off the Needles

            Again I find my self trying to catch up with blog posts.  I love visiting Judy's place to see what others are working on.  I have discovered many future projects there. 

            As some of you saw in my previous post, I finished a baby blanket for a Camp Loopy challenge. 

            Several members of our knitting group, The Wooly Women, have been making a Waterfall scarf.  I am ready to start the bind off and stitch dropping.

            Camp Loopy Project #2

            The challenge for project #2 was to think of a place we like to visit.  This will be a stretch but it is the first thought that came to mind when I saw this yarn.  I have to confess that often times I buy yarn because I like the name.  Twig sounds so much lovelier than brown.  And then there is Fig, Copper Penny, Glazed Pecan. just to name a few.  So for project #2 I chose Madelinetosh DK in Chickory.  There are lovely shades of teal and grey-brown.  Mom-to-be chose the color.  The pattern is Alex's blanket from Auroraknits.

            The design is simple but elegant.  I can see making this blanket again.  It wasn't a fussy knit.

            OOPS.  forgot to say how this tied into a place I like.  Chickory reminds me of New Orleans--no I have never been there!  Chicory reminds me of coffee that may be served there.  I definitely want to go to New Orleans.  It is on my bucket list of adventures.  I have a niece who attended Tulane and a nephew who will be going to Tulane this Fall.  I'm not sure even I can follow my own logic!!!

            Tuesday, July 15, 2014

            Another Project?

            Have you ever asked yourself, "I need to start another project?"  I would have to answer, hands down, NO.  But that isn't stopping me.  I have been obsessing over hexagons.  I see them everywhere and cannot stop thinking about them.
            So I gathered a few 30's fabrics and the never-been-used Accuquilt cutter and proceeded to cut a "few" hexagons--just to make a sample--not two, not three, just one.
            I now have enough hexagons to make 15 or so flowers for a Grandmother's Flower garden.

            Monday, July 14, 2014

            Wolf #4

            The fourth and final corner of Mr. T's fleece blanket is done.
            I think he is going to like this!
            My next machine embroidery project is going to be a quilt for my not yet born grandson.  I am going to use an Anita Goodesign--Hoot

            Sunday, July 13, 2014

            Yarn report week 28

            This hot, muggy lazy Sunday afternoon let's me catch up with posts that are due. 
            No matter how hard I try, I keep adding to my yarn stash.

            This week I added two skeins of Berroca Metallic Captiva and two skeins of Berroca Captive in purple.  I will be making two Christmas gifts--dress scarves for two of my daughters.  My Campy Loopy project is moving right along and I am getting ready to order yarn for Camp Loopy #3.  I just have to decide on the pattern.

            Skeins in the week:  4  Yardage in 396 yards
            Skeins out this week: 0 Yardage out this week: 
            Skeins in YTD:  38  Yardage in YTD:  7056
            Skeins out YTD:  15.5  Yardage out YTD:  2552

            Stash Report Week 28

            Yipee!!!!  A change in my numbers--finally.  I put together a quilt top from blocks that we made a as guild challenge.
            Fabric in this week:  0
            Fabric out this week:  4yards
            Fabric in YTD:  56.75 yards
            Fabric out YTD:  12.25 yards

            There is not quilting or piecing in my near future.  We are planning a trip to Ireland.

            Monday, July 7, 2014

            June's progress and July's promise

            Already a week into July!!!  My list for July is a little ambitious considering we will be going on vacation.  But the knitting will go with me.

            1. BOM Tell it to the Stars, Head to Toe and Wayside Embroidery Club
            2. Pinctada Cowl for Camp Loopy
            3. Fleece blanket with wolf machine embroidery:  2 motifs completed
            4. Make a Brick and Mortar top for Guild program
            5. Design and assemble top of Guild challenge blocks
            1. BOM Tell It to the Stars and Wayside Embroidery
            2. Little Mr. C's blanket Camp Loopy #2
            3. Little Mr. C's Hoot Quilt
            4. Cast on Eat Sleep Knit 3rd quarter challenge--Abernathy Sweater
            5. Finish Mr. T's Wolf throw
            6. Forever Blooming Applique project
            7. Bind Mystery Medallion and make a label

            Friday, July 4, 2014

            Yarn report Week 27

            I have been remiss in posting my yarn purchases which definitely exceed what I am using.  My goal has been to only buy yarn for specific projects.  I am somewhat on track.

            Eat Sleep Knit and The Loopy Ewe are having challenges that I couldn't resist.  (It doesn't take much to twist my arm).

            Skeins in the week:  2  Yardage in 500 yards
            Skeins out this week:  1 Yardage out this week:  400
            Skeins in YTD:  34  Yardage in YTD:  6664
            Skeins out YTD:  15.5  Yardage out YTD:  2552

            This week's purchases will be for two new cardigans for my expected new Grandson.

            On the Needles Friday

            I have started Campy Loopy project #2 and am enjoying the project.  The pattern is Alex's Blanket and I am using Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Chicory

            Thursday, July 3, 2014

            Wolf #3

            This is the scariest wolf yet.  But Grandson T thinks it is awesome!!!

            Tuesday, July 1, 2014

            Tell it to the Stars

            I finished June's blocks just in time.
            I am going to visit Judy and see what other's are doing.

            Sunday, June 29, 2014

            Stash report week 26

            Our youngest daughter announced that she and her husband are expecting a Baby Boy!!!  So like any Mimi to be I began planning a quilt and some of the wonderful self binding baby blankets.  I haven't done any respectable fabric shopping this year.  But I made up for it yesterday!!
            Fabric in this week:  11.25
            Fabric out this week:  0
            In YTD:  56.75
            Out YTD:  8.25

            Camp Loopy 2014 Project 1

            Finished my first Camp Loopy project just in time. 
            It is "resting"  on my blocking mat.  This was my first attempt at a provisional cast on.  I definitely need more practice especially with the grafting.

            Friday, June 20, 2014

            On the Needles Friday

            I made some progress on my Camp Loopy Cowl.    I think the brown shows up well in this picture.  The other pictures looked more grey.
            And I have already started dreaming about project #2 which will start July 1.  One of my daughters has requested a baby blanket.  She selected Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Chicory.  It is different but I like it.
            I am going to pop over to Judy's and get some inspiration.

            Sunday, June 15, 2014

            On the Needles Friday-- af ew days later

            Well another week seems to have gotten away from me!!  I know I am busy but I can't always show anything.  I have made a little progress on my Camp Loopy #1 project.  I have had to do a bit of "frogging"  The pattern isn't difficult.  I am just too distracted.

            I have ordered the yarn for project #2.  It is going to be a baby blanket.  More details will be coming.