Sunday, October 1, 2017

Knitting Report

I love,love, love when I finish projects.  This month has been productive. 
 Three Holey Hats in Malabrigo Chunky are done and ready for holiday gifting.

I have struggled to be a sweater knitter.  Sweaters that fit me.  I have made lots of baby sweaters.  But we know babies don't complain about fit.  I purchased a class on Craftsy by Amy Herzog.  It has a little more ease than I would normally like but it fits.  I don't like sweaters or tops that are too tight and too short.  I can't wait to start another sweater. 

October Goals

I cannot believe that we have started the last quarter of the year.  I will admit that I love the ebb and flow of the seasons.  

  1. Q3 ESK KAL Rosewood V neck
  2. Chunky Pony Tail Hats
  3. Attach labels to George's and Paige's quilts
  4. Sugar Plum Treat Applique
  5. Begin Guild Medallion BOM
  6. Machine Embroidered Crazy Quilt Class
  7. Read:  Still Life by Louise Penny
  1. Knitting:
  2. Quilting:
    • Labels on George and Paige's quilts
    • Wayside Crazy Quilt
    • Schoolhouse Medallion Center
  3. Read:  The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Knitting Report

I am happy to report that no new yarn came in.  (This is good news for me.)  And on top of that I managed to finish a four pony tail hats for a total of 400 yards. 
I don't often use chunky yarn but I enjoyed making these. 
I always get inspiration from Judy's blog.  She always finds some great patterns that I add to my list.

So far this year my numbers are:
Yarn in this week:  0
Yarn out this week:  400
Yarn in YTD: 8760
                                             Yarn out YTD:  7381

What is on your needles?

Friday, September 8, 2017

Knitting Report

I have been drooling over some yarn at my LYS.  And I was determined to make something with it.  I needed another project and more yarn like a zebra needs more stripes.  Michelle Hunter's new book Building with Lace kept jumping into my hands.  A perfect marriage the shawl from the book and Sandstorm.  But before I start, I must finish my Rosewood Sweater.  The back and front are done and I am about halfway through the first sleeve.

We are leaving for a little vacation in New Jersey meeting up with family for a few days.  That will give me lots of car knitting time--it is seven hours each way.

This week I managed to add more than 4000 yards of yarn.  Sixteen hundred yard I bought for the shawl but I was gifted about 2500 yards for a little contest we had at our LYS.  

I REALLY REALLY don't want to buy or win any more yarn this year.  I am determined to go Cold Sheep for the rest of the year.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

September's Plans

Everything is unpacked and I am settling into a new routine.  I know I will be moving again in about nine months.  But for now I have put that out of my mind.

  1. Elementary Twist Hats for:  Malcolm, James, Rob and Meg
  2. Christmas Stockings for Malcolm and Leo
  3. Q3 KAL--Sweater-- in progress
  4. Craftworks Mystery Bag--Hat
  5. Label Quilts for George and Paige--almost
  6. Read;  Still Life--in progress
  1. Q3 ESK KAL Rosewood V neck
  2. Chunky Pony Tail Hats
  3. Attach labels to George's and Paige's quilts
  4. Sugar Plum Treat Applique
  5. Begin Guild Medallion BOM
  6. Machine Embroidered Crazy Quilt Class
  7. Read:  Still Life
  8. Recommit to Weight Watchers

Friday, August 25, 2017

Knitting Report

My computer has been cranky and not cooperating.  If it wasn't bad enough that my email provider stopped supporting it, it seems that my Windows 7 was waaaaay out of date.  So I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows 10.  I did back up my files and documents just in case.  Everything went smoothly and I have managed to find most of my stuff.  Unfortunately my stash reports are "corrupted"  and I can't open them.  Enough complaining and onto other things.  I finished 2 Christmas Stockings this week--one for a grand puppy and one for Little Mr. Malcolm.

I love having finishes!!!!

Patterns In:  I only added 2 patterns:  Sporadic Stripes and Wheat Kernals Hat
Plans for the Week:  Continue working on Amy Herzog Pullover and  get back to Archtexture Shawl

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Knitting Report

Patterns Added:  0
Projects Finished:  Mystery Hat and Leo's Christmas Stocking.. My  LYS is sponsoring a mystery knit.  There were 3 yarns and about 300 yards to create a project.  I never would have chosen these yarns and colors.

Projects I worked on:  Cast on Malcolm's' Christmas Stocking, Pullover V-Neck for Eat Sleep Knit KAL
Projects to Work on this Week:  Malcolm's Stocking, V-Neck Sweater, Great American Aran Afghan, Architexture Shawl

I was busy cleaning up my Ravelry account.  I need to organize my queue.  There are too many patterns.  And since my taste has changed,  I will delete things I know I will never make.