Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Goals (aka Wish List)

Nothing finished in September.  So why do I have such an extensive list for October????  There are a few good reasons.  First, I was in Italy for 2 weeks.  For all practical purposes I lost the month of September for accomplishing much.  Getting ready for the trip and recovering from jet lag took up a fair amount of time.
For October I wanted to list some of my Yarnathon projects for Eat Sleep Knit. 
I definitely over extended myself--again.

  1. Celtic Cowl for class--almost
  2. Guernsey Triangle Shawl--almost
  3. Hermoine socks--casted on ( I am trying to learn magic loop)
  4. Halloween quilt block (2)--need to be embellished
  5. Keep working on Mitered Square Blanket
  1. Celtic Cowl for Class
  2. Guernsey Triangle Shawl
  3. Sue's Simple Socks
  4. Hermoine socks (2)
  5. Erinn's Quilt
  6. Metro Rings Quilt
  7. Tiny Owl
  8. Black and White String Quilt
  9. Embroidery Quilt BOM
  10. Great American Aran Afghan
  11. Nimue Wrap
  12. Cables and Columns Scarf
  13. 30 Hexipuffs for Beekeepers Quilt
  14. Project bags for knitting
  15. Pouches for Circular Knitting Needles
  16. Joy of Life BOM

    Friday, October 2, 2015

    On the Needles Friday

    A finish!!!  Finally!!  I feel as though I have been working on my Guernsey Triangle shawl forever.  The yarn is Squoosh Fiberarts Ultra Sock and the color is fig preserves.  It just needs blocking.  Off to visit Judy's blog to see what others are knitting.

    Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    Ten things I wish I could learn instantly

    First and foremost I wish I could master a foreign language especially Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.  Hmm--I don't want to forget French!

    2. Bake a tender, chewy healthy loaf of bread.
    3. Drive a stick shift.
    4. Ski and not break any bones.
    5. Patience. 
    6. Knit a sweater that fits perfectly.
    7. Only finding the good in others.
    8. Playing the piano.
    9. Moderation in all things.
    10. Endless capacity for compassion, love and service.

    Sunday, September 27, 2015

    Where Have I Been????

    ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had the great fortune of visiting Italy.  My sister and our husbands went on a tour from Rome to Venice.  I can't pick a favorite city since they were all wonderful--Rome, Cascia, Assisi, Sienna, Florence, Pavia, Milan, Padua and Venice.  Miles of walking--my fitbit was going crazy.  It recorded the hills as stairs that I climbed. 
    We returned yesterday after two weeks.  Jet lag has gotten the better of me. Does anyone have any secrets to recover?
    Throughout the coming weeks, I will probably sneak in a photo or two just so I can reminisce a little.
    As much as I am looking forward to getting back into my routine,  I am going to miss my Italian adventure.


    Monday, August 31, 2015

    September Goals

    I don't know what happened to August but I didn't get much of anything done!  I did a little bit of work on several things but finished nothing.  Not sure how September will go.  There is very little project time available this month.

    August 2015
    1. Piecing in the hoop BOM--finish July and August
    2. Celtic Cowl for LYS class--almost
    3. Guernsey Triangle Shawl Eat Sleep Knit KAL--halfway
    4. Sherbet Socks
    5. Halloween Quilt Block for Guild--not yet
    1. Celtic Cowl for class
    2. Guernsey Triangle Shawl
    3. Hermoine socks
    4. Halloween quilt block (2)
    5. Keep working on Mitered Square Blanket

    Friday, August 28, 2015

    Yarn Report

    Hmmm.  I haven't been all that accountable with my yarn purchases.  My goal this year was to purchase yarn for specific projects.  Well, I almost kinda, sorta did that!!!  Our LYS had not one but two trunk shows.  Trunk shows do me in.  I see a sample and know that I want to make it.

    Could you resist these lovely Alpaca yarns.  Obviously, I couldn't.

    Yarn in the week:  4825 yards
    Yarn out this week:  300 yards I finished a pair of socks.
    In YTD:  23,007 yards
    Out YTD: 2666 yards
    I would say I have a little catching up to do.

    On (and off) the needles Friday

    Yeah!!!  Socks are finally finished!!!  They are bright and you will see these toes coming from a mile away.  But I love them.
    I haven't made too much progress on my Celtic Cowl but I do hope to finish it this week.

    I am going over to Judy's to see what others are working on.