Saturday, May 26, 2012


My MadMay KAL socks are done.  I completed 2 of the 3 projects I set out to do during this challenge. I call the socks Uh-oh Camo.  The color was listed as bungalow but as I was knitting, they appear to be camouflage.  This was my first pair of "grown-up socks.

My third project, Vodka Lemonade, a cardigan is on the needles but I am still working on the collar. There is no way I can meet the deadline. So rather than stressing out, I will do what every committed knitter does--move on to another challenge!!

I am going to Camp Loopy.  Sunday is the first official day of camp i.e. casting on our project.  I have never been so eager to start a project.  I will be casting on a shawl, Spighe di Grano in a beautiful yellow yarn, Heritage Silk by Cascade.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Knitting fever has hit me hard!!  I have done more with knitting needles than I have with needlework lately. There is a Ravelry group called Madelinetosh Lovers that is having a Mad may challenge.  this is the first of 3 projects that I chose to do.  the second project a pair of socks will be completed but I don't think I will complete my 3rd project, a sweater called Vodka Lemonade

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Camp Loopy

Have I mentioned that I have knitting fever?  Knitting was my first love many years ago until I discovered the world of quilting, applique and stitchery.  So my yarn and needles were retired but just for awhile.  I caught the "bug" from Judy L.  She seduced introduced me to a few very special knitting sights on her blog. 

I began my knitting journey slowly--a few gifts for Christmas--a couple of hats and scarves.  Then along came the Loopy Ewe challenge.  I couldn't resist.  I have completed the first two challenges.  But then word came of Camp Loopy.  I told myself no--just stick with the quarterly challenge.  But I found a beautiful shawl courtsey of Ginny.  I order a beautiful lemon yellow Cascade Heritage silk yarn.  Now you might think it difficult to wait until May 27 to "go" to camp but---I am also taking part in the Ravelry group,  Madelinetosh Lovers' challenge Madelintosh MadMay12 !  I am attempting to complete 3 projects.  the good news is that Nellie is almost done.  I just need to buy the buttons to complete it.  I have casted on my socks.  I think it is a pipe dream that I will even cast on Vodka Lemonade.  But a girl can dream.

Stash Report Week 20

I missed last week's post for a very good reason.  I went to Phila. for my neice's wedding shower.  We spent a long weekend eating, drinking laughing and having a great time visiting.  my sister and I both love fabric and yarn.  Whenever we visit we always go on an excursion to feed our fiber obsessions. 

Fran took me to a new quilt shop in Ambler PA, The Round Robin.  Now I think it is my personal responsiblity to financially support our LQS and LYS !!!!  I treated myself to a table runner kit with Prairie Pailsey by Moda.  It is so pretty.  I can't wait to get started.

But I have another confession to make!!  My New Year's resolution was to work on and complete the BOM UFO's I have been collecting.  I had every good intention of not starting another.  But I fell wildly and passionately in love with Vintage Rouge.  I tried very hard not to fall victim to its charms--but I failed.  My first package arrived this week.  But i know I will stay on top of this one and work hard every month to finish--not that I have ever made that promise before.

So here are my numbers:

In this week and last week;  7 yards
Out this week;  0
In YTD:  25.25
Out YTD:  34.5