Sunday, January 31, 2016

February Wish List

I have decided that my Get it Done list sounded menacing.  Now I will refer to my monthly list as a Wish List.  It is a little road map to help me focus but I know other things will come up or I may just want to stray.

January 2016
  1. Maize Mitts for TCK KAL--done
  2. Spiral Cowl for ESK January KAL--hibernating
  3. Ambiguous Cowl Knit Purl Hunter Progressive KAL--done
  4. Block 5 of Joy of Life--started
  5. Send String Quilt to Longarmer--needs binding and a label
  6. GAAA BOM finish block 9
  7. Machine Embroider 2 Birdhouse blocks for Guild Challenge
February 2016
  1. Assemble Embroidery Club quilt top
  2. GAAA BOM  block 9
  3. Machine embroider 2 Birdhouse blocks for Guild Challenge
  4. Little Mr. C's ear flap hat
  5. ESK February KAL--Starfighter hat
  6. Complete Block 5 Joy of Life
  7. Bind and label black and white string quilt
  8. Read The Cake Therapist and Bella Fortuna

Friday, January 29, 2016

On the Needles Friday

An almost finish--Ambiguous Cowl.  The only step left is to graft the edges and weave in the loose ends.

Friday, January 22, 2016

On the Needles

A group at our LYS have been participating in Knit Purl Hunter's Progressive KAL
I am using Hikoo Sueno yarn in Charcoal and Cherry Pie.   

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tangled Mess

Even after many years of winding yarn,  I still have the occasional tangled mess to deal with.  I still hope to cast on the Spiral Cowl for the January KAL at Eat Sleep Knit.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stash Report

Well I needed a little fabric for a workshop and for a tote project.  Didn't seem to have what I needed on hand.  But it is only 4 yards total--not too bad.

The floral and dot are for our guild's workshop in a few weeks.  We are going to make a large quilted tote.  I have to pre-quilt the fabrics.

The pink fabric is for the lining of a mystery machine embroidered tote challenge.  I need a piece of duck cloth for the exterior of the bag.  I am thinking black. 

My numbers for this first full week of the New Year are:
Fabric in this week:  4 yards
Fabric out this week:  0 yards
Total in this year:  4 yards
Total out this year 0 yards
I did a little knitting this week.  I made Maize Mitts by Tin Can Knits in Madelinetosh Vintage that I had in my stash.  The color is Vermillion. They are quick, easy and cute.  They only take 100 yards. 
Yarn in this week:  0 yards
Yarn out this week:  100 yards
Yarn in this year:  0 yards
Yarn out this year:  100 yards

Saturday, January 9, 2016

On the Needles

A group at our LYS have decided to participate in Knit Purl Hunter's Ambiguous Cowl KAL.  The first clue was posted on Thursday and we are getting together on Sunday to share and get help.
I have 3 more rows to complete the first set of direction.  The lightest yarn is my provisional cast.  The yarn for the cowl is Hikoo Sueno in charcoal and cherry pie.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Yarn and Fabric Stash Report

The best part of Week 1 stash report is that I am working with a clean slate.  I just tallied Yarn and Fabric for 2015.

Fabric in 2015:  105 yards
Fabric out 2015:  60.5 yards
Yarn in 2015:  27,003 yards
Yarn out 2015:  4483

Really hoping to do better this year with using my stash.  My pristine numbers for today are:

Fabric in:  0 yards
Fabric out:  0 yards
Yarn in:  0 yards
Yarn out:  0 yards

Friday, January 1, 2016

Get It Done January

My plan for this month.  I am ok with not finishing everything.  Sometimes I stray from course and start something new or move on to another UFO


Joy of Life
  1. Maize Mitts for TCK KAL
  2. Spiral Cowl for ESK January KAL
  3. Ambiguous Cowl Knit Purl Hunter Progressive KAL
  4. Block 5 of Joy of Life: the center block in this picture.
  5. Send String Quilt to Longarmer
  6. GAAA BOM finish block 9
  7. Machine Embroider 2 Birdhouse blocks for Guild Challenge

Spiral Cowl Wannabe

On the Needles

My first project for 2016.  Maize mitts by Tin Can Knits.  I found some Madelinetosh Vintage in Vermillion.

I am going to visit Judy's blog to see what others are working on.

Happy New Year


I feel like a little kid today.  I have always liked New Year's Day--fresh beginnings,  newness.  But I seem to be beside myself today.  Way more excited than is probably good for my age!

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is coming to a close,  I spent the last few days organizing what I want to do in 2016.  New spreadsheets have been started for quilting and knitting.  (I still have a love affair with lists.)

I still hope to set down monthly goals with Getting it Done.  I want to spend more time with quilting especially applique.  The needle and thread have been on the back burner this year.  I never got around to publishing my December Goals.  But here they are:

December 2015
  1. Nimue Wrap:  on hold
  2. Hermoine's Socks (2 pairs):  only one pair
  3. Erinn's quilt:  binding and label:  done
I have a few more lists to make and a pork roast to get ready.