Sunday, March 27, 2016

Stash Report March 27 2016

All in all not a bad week.  My fabric numbers seem more impressive than they are.  Our guild is making pillowcases for our community outreach project this year.  I prepared 22 kits to be made up.

Fabric in this week:  0 yards
Fabric out this week:  29 yards
In YTD: 4 yards
Out YTD:  47

Even though I knit everyday, I don't seem to be finishing much.

Yarn in this week:  1459 yards of Knit One Purl two Elfin for a KAL
Yarn out this week:  98 yards
In YTD:  1459 yards
Out YTD:  4498 yards

I am so impressed with myself for how little I have purchased this year.  I wonder how long that will last.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

On the Needles Friday--ok Saturday

Last weeks project had to be frogged.  I just couldn't fix my mistake.  And the harder I tried the more stitches I lost.  So I am back on track with my Aran block in the round.  Hopefully, the third time is the charm.
There really isn't anything all that difficult about the block.

But I was frustrated, I decided to make up a giraffe hat for Little Mr. C.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

On the Needles Friday a Day Late

I finished another block for my Great American Aran Afghan.  There are some very unusual techniques.
I will block all of the pieces when I am finished.  There are 24 blocks altogether.
This one was worked "in the round".  I like the pattern and hope it will finish nicely.  
Now I am off to visit Judy's blog to see what others are working on.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Splendid Sampler

It makes me very unhappy when I am not organized.  And the older I get the more important it is for me to keep things where they belong or make a new home for them.

Yesterday I posted my first seven blocks for the Splendid Sampler.  I could not find the binder where I was keeping everything with the blocks in order.  After I submitted my entry, I realized I had the wrong blocks!  Here is the new photo for the first Splendid Challenge with blocks 1-7.

Friday, March 11, 2016

On the Needles Friday

After finishing Dante's levels, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick up any knitting needles for awhile.  But I jumped right back in working on my Great American Aran Afghan.  I started the project in January 2015 with a group at my LYS.  I am a little behind but hope to catch up  within the next few weeks.  Here is my current block. I am off to visit Judy's blog for more inspiration.

The Splendid Sampler

I have been doing well keeping up with the Splendid Sampler challenge.  Here are my first 7 completed blocks.
Since I have a lot of 30's prints that is what I chose to use.  I am looking forward to see how far I get with the project.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stash Report Sunday

I am so excited to add my numbers this week.  I have a few finishes that are making me feel very accomplished.

One string quilt top finished that is waiting to be quilted.


I hope to have it ready to give to a charity as soon as it is quilted.
And yesterday's post showed off an afghan that I have been knitting forever or so it seems.

Fabric in this week:  0 yards
Fabric out this week:  11.5 yards
In YTD:  4 yards
Out YTD:  29 yards
Yarn in this week:  0 yards
Yarn out this week:  4400 yards
In YTD:  0 yards
Out YTD:  5010

Saturday, March 5, 2016

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last June I started the mitered square blanket for an Eat Sleep Knit KAL.  It sounded so simple and it was.  You cast on 600 stitches and decrease 2 stitches every other row.  How long could it take???  So much longer than I anticipated.  But it is done.  And I have affectionately renamed it "Dante's 10 Levels".

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

I think I can easily get distracted from the path I start to travel!  As you can see in February I added a few items that are in green.  Instead of working on UFO's, I started some new things.  But I am ok with that.

February 2016
  1. Assemble Embroidery Club quilt top--done
  2. GAAA BOM  block 9
  3. Machine embroider 2 Birdhouse blocks for Guild Challenge--done
  4. Little Mr. C's ear flap hat
  5. ESK February KAL--Starfighter hat--frogged
  6. Complete Block 5 Joy of Life
  7. Bind and label black and white string quilt--just needs label
  8. Read The Cake Therapist and Bella Fortuna-done
  9. Heartstrings Reproduction Quilt--started 2-15-2016--blocks done
  10. Read book The Secret Keeper--good so far
  11. Start The Splendid Sampler quilt
March 2016
  1. Finish Mitered Square afghan
  2. Block 5 of Joy of Life
  3. Label Black and White String quilt
  4. Resume working on Great American Aran Afghan
  5. Finish reading The Secret Keeper
  6. The Splendid Sampler blocks
  7. Giraffe Hat