Friday, January 31, 2014

Hexie BOM January

I've never worked much with hexagons.  I have used them as an embellishment.  Grandmother's flower garden is one of the prettiest quilts I have seen and dream that some day I may make one.  But for now I will do the Hexie Blog BOM. 

Crazy Quilt Journal Project January 2014

I have always admired the lovely handwork on crazy quilts.  I have dabbled with little projects but never completed anything. Several years ago (about 7) I found an Australian BOM featuring antique French soap labels.  I had all of the kits neatly packed in the closet.  I found this wonderful blog encouraging all levels of crazy quilters to participate. 

I found it hard to make a decision about stitches and embellishments.  It needs a lot more stuff.  For now the January block will go back in the box but I will be returning to it to "fill it up"  with lots of pretty ribbons, buttons and beads.
Here is my unadorned February block.  I need to lighten up, loosen up and throw caution to the wind.

On the needles Friday

Not as much knitting as I would have liked this week.  I seem to have been playing catch-up with a lot of things.  My fingers are itching to feel the yarn and needles.

Yarn report Week 5

No change in my numbers this week.  But that could change since I started dreaming about new projects!

In this week:  0
Out this week: 0
In YTD: 7
Out YTD: 0

January Get it Done Report

I feel as though I am off to a good start.  Organizing and planning my projects for the month has helped me stay focused.  This is a good feeling.  Let's see how long it lasts!!!

January 2014
  1. Love to Knit Sampler Baby Blanket  done
  2. CQPJ 2014 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project) January Block--kind of half done
  3. Joy of Life:  appliqué one block--back on hold
  4. Underground Railroad BOM
  5. Schoolhouse Quilters BOM
  6. Tell it to the Stars Mystery BOM
  7. Complete table runner
  8. Apply binding to Mystery Medallion--machine stitched on one side
  9. Hexie BOM
  10. Forever Blooming BOM--prepped but no applique
February 2014
  1. CQPJ 2014 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project) February Block
  2. Underground Railroad BOM
  3. Schoolhouse Quilters BOM
  4. Tell it to the Stars Mystery BOM
  5. Hexie BOM
  6. Forever Blooming BOM
  7. Complete binding on Mystery Medallion
  8. Quilt and Bind Pinwheel Quilt
  9. Grey Scarf for ESK challenge

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Loopy's First Challenge

The challenge was to mix things up a bit.  I chose to different yarns and made my big guy a hat that he actually wears!!!
I used Shibui Superwash merino and Shibui silk cloud.  I loved working with the yarn.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog

WOW.  I never imagined the impact of participating in the GYB (Grow Your Blog) event.  So many wonderful people have visited by blog and left lovely comments.  I must admit to being a little speechless!
Not quite sure  how I did it but I think I managed to "erase, lose, misplace"  some of the comments.  I apologize if you did not receive a personal note from me.  While I think that I am pretty savvy on the computer for a grandma,  I still manage to hit the wrong key.
Not only have I had many visitors, I am now discovering a whole new blog world.  I hope to visit as many as I can.

I can't thank Vicki enough for such a wonderful opportunity.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog

After being introduced to the world of blogs a few years ago, I thought I would give it a try.  Originally I thought I was developing a test blog that would not see the light of day until I had a better sense of what I was doing.  But before I knew it, I hit the publish button instead of save or delete..  My technical skills are still developing. 

My blog title gives you an idea of what I like to do:  needle turn applique, knitting, crazy quilts, cooking and eating healthy, family history as well as machine embroidery and reading.  There is never enough time to do the things I enjoy but I love the time I do get to "play"  with my stashes. 

While planning my New Year resolutions, I realized that this blog would be part of that plan.  I want to learn more about the ins and outs of blogging.  I was so excited when I learned how to link.
And then there are the challenges in the blog world that I want to participate in. 

Judy's Quilt Your Stash and Tell it to the Stars Mystery
Denise Russart's  From Head to Toe and Knit Your Stash
Hexagon BOM
Crazy Quilt Journal Project
Pearl Pereira's Forever Blooming
Loopy Ewe Challenges
Eat Sleep Knit Yarnathon

I am looking forward to visiting others who are participating in this blog party.  And suspect that I will bump into on other blogs.

I thought I would share a few pictures.

Redwork Aunt Mindy's Garden
 Three dimensional pinwheels
 Cowl and Slouch Hat
 Hocuspocusville Blackwork
 Baby Sampler Blanket

Yarn Report Week 4

Not a particularly productive week for input or output.  My only purchase was an impulse purchase when I went to my LYS for drop in knitting.  I found a lovely hat pattern that was free with a yarn purchase.  How could I resist!
It will probably be a Christmas gift for someone.
In this week:  1 skein
Out this week:  1 skein
In YTD: 7 skeins
Out YTD:  7 skeins.
Net:  0

On and (off) the Needles

The Lynn Wilson Baby Sampler blanket if finished!!!  This is a pattern I will make again.  Next time I will use a yarn that isn't variegated.  The different patterns are so pretty and will show up better.

I have casted on Christian's Scarf for the ESK Yarnathon.  The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Hand Dyes.  I am off to visit Judy's blog to see what others are knitting.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 3 Yarn Report

I finished my Lynn Wilson baby Sampler blanket.  No yarn came in this week--not that I wasn't tempted!

Skeins in this week:  0
Skeins out this week:  4
In YTD:  6
Out YTD: 6
Net:  +2

I am off to cast on my next project.  It is a Christmas gift for Dec 2014.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Finish Along

I love visiting blogs especially with those that share similar interests.   I like the inspiration, the challenges and the opportunity to share.  While visiting blogs that are going to participate in the Grow Your Blog party, I found the Littlest Thistle and thought I would join the 2014 Finish Along.
My goals for the first quarter are:
Complete Return to Square One Mystery Medallion

Complete 3-D Pinwheels

Friday, January 10, 2014

Yarn Report Week 2

Not only am I participating in Judy's yarn report I will also post on my sidebar yarn yards in and out.  Like most knitters I love yarn and I have been admiring other knitters who are TRYING to exercise restraint (Judy and Denise to name just two).  My resolution when buying yarn is that it must be for a specific project--no accumulating skeins just because I like it (I hope, maybe, maybe not).

Have you ever visited Eat Sleep Knit (ESK)?  I have joined the Yarnathon this year and just received my first purcha6 lovely skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted in Charcoal.  I hope to get the skeins "caked" and ready for my needles as soon as I finish the baby blanket.
In the week:  6 skeins (600 yards)
Out the week:  0 (I didn't even knit one skein this week)
In YTD:  6 skeins (600 yards)
Out YTD:  2 skeins

On the Needles Friday

There wasn't as much knitting time as I would have liked last week.  I only managed a few more rows of my baby sampler blanket.  This week's goal is to finish the blanket.
Now I will see what others have on their needles over at Judy's place.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Yarn Report Week 1

My first project for the year is a baby blanket that calls for 5 skeins.  They were counted last year and so far I have used 2 of the skeins.  So for my first yarn report:

Skeins in:  0  But this wi soon change since I want to participate in Eat Sleep Knit's Yarnathon.
Skeins out:  2

On the Needles Friday

I am enjoying working on this baby sampler blanket and am happy with the progress.

Is anyone participating in the Eat Sleep Knit Yarnathon?  I am in the roboknits group.  Thie first challenge is to do a technique that is new.  I am thinking of knitting doll clothes or a knitted toy. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Today is a wonderful day

Happy New Year

For some reason I woke up energized to begin a new year.  Last year was a good year with a few valleys.  But ups and downs are a part of life.  Moving on is good with me and I try to learn from those events that aren't pleasant.

Last week I outlined some plans for the coming year.  And I discovered a few more that I want to add.  I know I won't succeed with all of them but I like the idea of "living up to"  instead of "living down to".

I am a fan of Pearl Perreira's Applique and will add her new project, Forever Blooming, to my list.  I know I want to use batiks in pretty flower colors.  Later this afternoon, I will pull some of my stash and give you an idea.  I am hoping most if not all of the fabric will come from my stash.

There are three areas that I want to concentrate on this year:
Improve and expand my blogging skills
Turn UFO's into FO's
Actively participate in Weight Watchers.
Are any of you on a Weight Watcher journey?  I started July 1 and my progress is very slow.  A few of my downfalls are carbs, lack of activity, and not tracking.