Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog

WOW.  I never imagined the impact of participating in the GYB (Grow Your Blog) event.  So many wonderful people have visited by blog and left lovely comments.  I must admit to being a little speechless!
Not quite sure  how I did it but I think I managed to "erase, lose, misplace"  some of the comments.  I apologize if you did not receive a personal note from me.  While I think that I am pretty savvy on the computer for a grandma,  I still manage to hit the wrong key.
Not only have I had many visitors, I am now discovering a whole new blog world.  I hope to visit as many as I can.

I can't thank Vicki enough for such a wonderful opportunity.


  1. So glad it's been a great experience for you.

  2. Hi Beth, Popping over from GYB to say hello, isn't it a great event? What lovely crafting you do. Our interests are very similar, though I've never tackled anything as precise as a quilt. I've added myself to your followers and will look forward to visiting again.

  3. Visiting from the GYB party. I take part in a lot of the same links that you mention - I try not to miss a Design Wall Monday but I don't knit. Not enough hours in the day. Love your projects though. Hop over to my place to see what's up at I'm your newest follower. Cheers, Patrica

  4. Beth, can you email me at britstitch at gmail dot com (address on my blog) -? thanks!

  5. So many little time! Glad you are enjoying it! Me too, right next to a roaring fire here in the tundra of New York State. Aloha.

  6. Hi Beth, popping over from GYB just to say hello and say I look forward to getting to know you. Your blog is lovely I look forward to popping in.

    Peg x

  7. Hi Beth! Stopping by from GYB party. Hope this party goes great for you. :) I love to knit but with looms. I just can't find the patience to learn how to do so with the needles. Maybe one day. :) Have a great evening!

  8. Hi again Beth
    Thank you for popping in to say hello!
    I'm not very good at Mahjong either, for the first six months I just picked up tiles and threw others out - not having a clue what I was doing!!!
    The penny has finally dropped and I'm enjoying it much more.
    We each have a copy of 'the Mahjong Players Companion' by Patricia A Thompson & Betty Maloney - I wouldn't manage without it!

  9. This GYB party is amazing indeed. Lots of new blogs found and still finding ;-)
    Hitting the wrong key/button is NOT a grandma thing, believe me! I do things, too, sometimes and have no idea how they happend...

  10. It has been slow going for me trying to visit all the great blogs at the GYB party. Your quilting projects are wonderful and I have now signed up to follow you! Thanks for visiting me over at Mimi Mine!