Friday, January 24, 2014

Yarn Report Week 4

Not a particularly productive week for input or output.  My only purchase was an impulse purchase when I went to my LYS for drop in knitting.  I found a lovely hat pattern that was free with a yarn purchase.  How could I resist!
It will probably be a Christmas gift for someone.
In this week:  1 skein
Out this week:  1 skein
In YTD: 7 skeins
Out YTD:  7 skeins.
Net:  0


  1. Well if you need a suggestion for a recipient i throw my name in the

  2. I enjoyed seeing your quilting projects. I am working on several right now and always like to see what others are doing. I don't knit, just couldn't get the hang of but I do crochet a bit when my hands don't get too angry with me.
    The keeping track of your stash in and out seems like a VERY good idea. I need to do that. I have been putting lots of crafting type things on eBay to get some of my stash (that I know I will never use) down!