Friday, August 25, 2017

Knitting Report

My computer has been cranky and not cooperating.  If it wasn't bad enough that my email provider stopped supporting it, it seems that my Windows 7 was waaaaay out of date.  So I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows 10.  I did back up my files and documents just in case.  Everything went smoothly and I have managed to find most of my stuff.  Unfortunately my stash reports are "corrupted"  and I can't open them.  Enough complaining and onto other things.  I finished 2 Christmas Stockings this week--one for a grand puppy and one for Little Mr. Malcolm.

I love having finishes!!!!

Patterns In:  I only added 2 patterns:  Sporadic Stripes and Wheat Kernals Hat
Plans for the Week:  Continue working on Amy Herzog Pullover and  get back to Archtexture Shawl

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Knitting Report

Patterns Added:  0
Projects Finished:  Mystery Hat and Leo's Christmas Stocking.. My  LYS is sponsoring a mystery knit.  There were 3 yarns and about 300 yards to create a project.  I never would have chosen these yarns and colors.

Projects I worked on:  Cast on Malcolm's' Christmas Stocking, Pullover V-Neck for Eat Sleep Knit KAL
Projects to Work on this Week:  Malcolm's Stocking, V-Neck Sweater, Great American Aran Afghan, Architexture Shawl

I was busy cleaning up my Ravelry account.  I need to organize my queue.  There are too many patterns.  And since my taste has changed,  I will delete things I know I will never make.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Knitting Report

Judy L is back with her knitting report.  I need this to keep accountable and I am thinking of doing something like this for quilting.  Since moving into the apartment, I have waaaaaaay to much yarn and fabric.  Considering the year is more than half over, I am excited that I have not added very much to my stash.  So for my first Knitting Report:

Stroma by Susan Ashcroft

Leo's Christmas Stocking
A Family of Elementary Twist Hats

Complete Leo's Christmas Stocking
Cast on Malcolm's Christmas Stocking
Mystery Hat for LYS
Pullover V-Neck for ESK 3 KAL

Yarn in this Week:  0 yards
Yarn out this Week:  580 yards in projects and 4404 yards gifted
Yarn in YTD:  4340 yards
Yarn out YTD:  7001 yards

Thursday, August 10, 2017

On the needles and yarn Stash

The last box has been unpacked!!!!  I am beyond excited that life is getting back to normal.  Finding storage for my yarn and fabric has been daunting.  But I have managed to use a little stash.  As I was sorting through my yarn while unpacking,  I looked at each skein and asked myself, "Am I really, really going to use this yarn?"  If the answer was a flat out NO or I hesitated for more than 20 seconds, it went into a gift bag for a friend who has just taken up knitting.   I managed to reduce my stash by 4404 yards and it made my friend very happy.

I have a few finishes to share.  Meg, our youngest, requested hats for her two cherubs and her Sweetie.  She chose Elementary Twist and I loved knitting it.  It was all made from stash.  The to smaller hats on the right are both dark green.  Meg wanted a pom pom on her hat and the far left is navy blue for her Sweetie.

I FINALLY put the buttons on Adorable Ewe, Michele Hunter's KAL last Spring.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Plans

I probably should have only listed moving on my July list.  I was able to do a little knitting between unpacking plastic bins and boxes.  Even though my sewing machines are still being serviced, I hope to set up a functional sewing area in the second bedroom.

  1. Move
  2. Q3 KAL for ESK--Sweater--in progress
  3. Architexture Shawl--on hold
  4. Read:  A Single Thread--reading
  1. Elementary Twist Hats for:  Malcolm, James, Rob and Meg
  2. Christmas Stockings for Malcolm and Leo
  3. Q3 KAL--Sweater--in progress
  4. Craftworks Mystery Bag--Hat
  5. Label Quilts for George and Paige
  6. Read;  A Single Thread