Monday, September 30, 2013

Get it Done October

I was surprised to see how much I did accomplish in September.  I had lots of "car" time and was able to do lots of knitting.

2. BOM Mystery Medallion--working on it
3. Complete Hocuspocusville top
4. Complete 24 blocks of black and white Heartstrings challenge--didn't do even one
5. Complete Plucktember challenge Done

1. Complete September and October's clues for BOM Mystery Medallion
2. complete 48 black and white string blocks
3. Complete Camp Loopy 4th quarter challenge
4. Work on Baltimore revisited machine embroidery quilt
5. Prep Pinwheel quilt for quilting

Friday, September 20, 2013

(ON) Off the Needles Friday

The Big guy and I spent the past week in Washington DC for the wedding of our youngest daughter.  I had lots of knitting time in the car and finished my Plucktember project.  This was my first time knitting with Plucky Knitter yarn. 
The color is Chino.  But the picture makes it look more grey.  It has some lovely brown tones.  The cowl needs to be blocked.
I have ordered my yarn for The Loopy Ewe 4th Quarter challenge.  I hope my box of happiness comes tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fiber Therapy or What was I thinking!!!

Every Tuesday morning, I join up with my knitting friends at our LYS.  We always enjoy ourselves and love seeing the new yarns and patterns that come in.  I usually exercise restraint when it comes to buying.  All of my resolve melted away today.  I have added six skeins of yarn for 4 projects.  I pledged earlier this year to limit yarn and fabric purchases and use up what I have!!! 

In the top picture on the bottom left are two skeins of Emma Rae for cowls.  The top bulky yarn is from cascade and will be for a ski headband.  The three dkeins on the right are also shown in the bottom picture.  It has sequins in the yarn.  I think I will make a shawl with it.

Considering that our youngest daughter is getting married this Saturday in Washington DC, I relieved my stress, by supporting my LTS owner--she was very happy.  Since the Big Guy and I live in Massachusetts, I will have lots of knitting in the car time. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Yarn Report

I missed last week's report due to travelling and knitting my little fingers to the bone!  But i have managed to use 2 more skeins by finishing my Camp Loopy #3 project.  But i don't think it will qualify as a finish--I don't think I posted it on time.

Sofar this month I have used 4 skeins.  I hope to organize my yarn report a little better in October.  Our youngest daughter is getting married next Saturday.  Once we are finished with the wedding festivities I hope to get back to being organized with project.

So for today,  no new yarn or patterns added.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Get it Done August and hope to get it done September

August was not as successful as I would have hoped.  But I did complete my camp loopy project which took me longer than expected.  I am excited to say that I have been keeping up to date with Judy's BOM Medallion Mystery.  There will be travelling to andfrom MA, PA and DC for our daughter's wedding.  Knitting will be done while in the care but not much sewing for the week I won't be home.

1. BOM Mystery Medallion--up-to-date
2. Camp Loopy Project #3 Done
3. Work on Baltimore Revisited--a little progress
4. Complete hand quilting on Vintage Valentine center block--not one stitch down

2. BOM Mystery Medallion
3. Complete Hocuspocusville top
4. Complete 24 blocks of black and white Heartstrings challenge
5. Complete Plucktember challenge

Camp Loopy Project #3

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Devenish was finished with 4 hours to spare.  It helped that we were on a road trip and I had several hours of uninterrupted knitting.  It does need a little blocking but the knitting is done and all of the ends woven in.  I love how the cables came out.