Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fiber Therapy or What was I thinking!!!

Every Tuesday morning, I join up with my knitting friends at our LYS.  We always enjoy ourselves and love seeing the new yarns and patterns that come in.  I usually exercise restraint when it comes to buying.  All of my resolve melted away today.  I have added six skeins of yarn for 4 projects.  I pledged earlier this year to limit yarn and fabric purchases and use up what I have!!! 

In the top picture on the bottom left are two skeins of Emma Rae for cowls.  The top bulky yarn is from cascade and will be for a ski headband.  The three dkeins on the right are also shown in the bottom picture.  It has sequins in the yarn.  I think I will make a shawl with it.

Considering that our youngest daughter is getting married this Saturday in Washington DC, I relieved my stress, by supporting my LTS owner--she was very happy.  Since the Big Guy and I live in Massachusetts, I will have lots of knitting in the car time. 

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