Saturday, February 25, 2017

On the Needles

Did you ever have any of THOSE projects that drove you crazy.  I actually have two going on at the same time.
This is the 4th restart of my Qwist Hat.  It is not difficult!!  My excuse is that I have a lot on my mind with a family medical issue.  I try knitting when I need a little distraction.  But I think I should stick with stockinet stich with no increases or decreases.

4th Cast On

Making a little progress.

Another project I have been fretting over for more than two years is the Great American Aran Afghan.  It started out as a class at a LYS.  We were going to do one block a month for 24 months.  I have completed 23 blocks but will only use 20.  None of the blocks are the same size even with blocking.  It was a frustrating project.  I thought I was a decent knitter but this project has undermined my confidence.  I am trying a crocheted edge to bring the blocks closer to size of the largest.  This project is not for the faint of heart.


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  1. I feel for you having to start a project over 4 times. I've done it too and I know it's no fun. Your Aran project may be a little frustrating to you, but it is BEAUTIFUL. Crocheting the outside to bring them all to the same size is an excellent idea.