Sunday, April 12, 2015

(Knitting) Needle Hog

 I have been posting my Yarnathon progress.  And one of the booster badges this quarter is  about the quantity of our needles.  I have never done an official inventory of what I have and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to see that I am in total control of what I own.  Not as in control as I thought.  Every single set is tallied.

I don't use straight needles as much as I used to.  I use circulars for everything including my flat pieces.  They are easier and less cumbersome.  How I ended up with 7 sets of #2 Double pointed needles is beyond me!!!  The spreadsheet with my information doesn't include the two sets of interchangeable needles.  I have a set of Addi-Turbo with sizes, 6,8 and 9 tips and two sets of #7 tips with 6 different cords.  That means 12 possible combinations of size 7 needles.  I also have a bamboo interchangeable set with sizes 5-10 and 4 cords.  I know my yarn stash is out of control but had no idea about my needle problem!!

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