Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finish A Long Quarter 2

Setting realistic quilting and knitting goals has not always been easy for me.  I tend to bite off more than I  can chew.  I finished 2 out of 4 projects last quarter but that won't stop me from adding a few more this time.
These are the projects I would like to finish.
Fantastic Flowers:  a BOM from our machine embroidery club. 
This is the yarn for Loopy Academy Semester 2.  The purple in the back row, left side is for a felting project, the white and 2 navy skeins are for a striped project--probably a summer sweater for little Mr. C. and the 2 blue skeins on the bottom row are for a slipped stitch cowl.  All projects subject to change but are due May 31.  Hmmm.  I think I should start one of these today!!!

This is a little scrappy challenge from Pat Sloan.  The top is done but needs quilting, binding and a label.

And last but not least is the project from last quarter.  I need to finish the quilting, binding and label.

I think there is hope.

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