Friday, May 23, 2014

Yarn report Week 21

My family always knows when I am stressed.  I start organizing everything that isn't nailed down.  Our family is undergoing some medical issues--cancers, premature labor, difficult pregnancy, death of a loved one, major surgeries.  Since I can't "fix" anything I decided to organize my yarn.  Not only did I sort my stash for the fun of it I counted the number of skeins and yards.  Everything is recorded very neatly by weight, manufacturer, and amount.  If I had a project in mind that is also recorded.  Some of it I have no idea what I was going to knit.  Others had me asking myself "WHAT WAS I THINKING".

My Yarn Report for this week will be a confession of yardage that I need to work on.  Even though I am working on a project, I don't usually report the amount used until the project is completed.  So the following numbers are for my benefit and not for your shock or bewilderment. 

Worsted Weight/Aran Yarn:  14881 yards
DK/Sport Weight Yarn:  26913
Fingering/Sock Yarn:  18617
Chunky/Bulky Yarn:  216 ( I rarely knit with this)
Total:  60627 yards.
This will not stop me from purchasing yarn.  I have a few challenges--The Loopy Ewe and Eat Sleep Knit--that I love participating in.  And I may or may not have stash.  But I can tell you that the WHAT WAS I THINKING yarn will be gifted
In the coming weeks and months as I "report"  yarn in and yarn out I will also report yarn gifted.
PS:  I don't think I will inventory my fabric
PPS:  If you are a prayerful person, please remember my family as we go through and face some difficult times.


  1. I would not want to inventory my fabric either! I pretty much only have sock yarn, but I do have a lot! Prayers will be going up for your family. Peace to you.

  2. Oh I organized my yarn but didn't figure out how much yardage - I don't really want to know since I'm sure more yarn will come and live here no matter how much is already here. As for fabric we are never going to explore that stash. Thirty years of collecting has been very rewarding - LOL!