Monday, October 10, 2016

Stash Report

I have bee avoiding this post like the Black Plague.  I mentioned a few posts ago (I think) that I went on a yarn crawl with three of my Wooly Friends.  We each had a shopping list with a few items--nothing extravagant.  I was looking for a specific gauge ruler.  And I wanted to purchase yarn for a baby blanket for the new little grandbaby due in Jan.  We saw lots of amazing samples that got our creative juices flowing but we exercised remarkable restraint.

We purchased our "passports" at our home LYS.  The canvas bag had some knitty loveliness.
These were my purchases after visiting 5 shops.  I think I did well.  The yarn at the top right is to make a cowl.  The yarn is soft and feels wonderful against the skin.  The left forefront is Sueno in a blue gray for the baby yet to come.  And tucked under the gauge ruler is a skein of encore and a hank of roving to try my hand at thrummed mittens.

So now that I have tried to justify my purchases I am going to fess up to my numbers. 

Yarn in since I last calculated:  2719 yards
Yarn out this week:  0 yards (lots of WIP's)
Yarn in YTD:  18405 yards (No I am not missing a decimal point!)
Yarn out YTD:  6538

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  1. Looks like you gals had lots of fun. I've never gone on a "knitting" shop hop but I have bought yarn when I was supposed to be looking for fabric. lol You got some pretty yarns there. Like the ones that are bright and variegated.