Thursday, October 6, 2016

Falling Off the Wooly Wagon

Do you ever feel the need for a little accountability with yarn purchases or fabric purchase?  I always have good intentions but often times have a few special things that just beg to come home.  Such was the case when working last week at my LYS.  Like most well intentioned knitters, I don't NEED any stash yarn.  But I will purchase yarn on special occasions such as the yarn crawl I went on a few weeks back (more on that latter).  Several of my knitting friends (aka Wooly Women) are going to participate in Knit Purl Hunter Cableship KAL. I am not a proficient sock knitter and thought the KAL would move me in that direction.

This is my yarn choice.  It reminds me of watermelon and I wanted happy socks.  The yarn is Zauberball and it feels lovely.

I only want to buy yarn for specific projects that I will work on in the coming months.  But I am weak.  these two lovelies found their way into my work bag. 
So the big question is will I stop buying yarn for the time being.  Well-l-l-l-l!!!!!  Not exactly.  I found a darling poncho pattern for my granddaughter, and I think I need to start it.  Maybe just one more project's work of wooly goodness.

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