Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Chaos

Another couple of weeks where I have been preoccupied with family, houseguests, Thanksgiving  and various interruptions!!!  We had two Thanksgiving feasts.  One was the Saturday before official turkey day.  All of my cherubs(4) and their spouses/sweeties(4), two lively puppies, and three grandchildren, of which two are very, very active were all home to celebrate.  Thanksgiving Day was more low key with just three of us.  But the cooking was just as involved.  I won't be wanting turkey for awhile.  I wasn't able to touch my knitting or quilting for the better part of the week.  But I did manage to work on a puzzle with a few darlings.  We had fun working on it together.
I have an unfortunate habit of over-extending myself.  I am going to work on it and set more realistic goals.  I am not rushing the New Year but I love the idea of a fresh slate.
Today the Big Guy asked when I was going to start baking Christmas cookies!!!!  I am still trying to recover from Thanksgiving(s)!!!!

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