Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bag Lady

I have been trying to catch up on organizing tasks and getting things in order.  I tend to do this when I feel stressed.

I wanted to post a few things on Ravelry for my Eat Sleep Knit projects.  One of the badges to earn is called Bag Lady.  Just have to show that I have at least (cough) 6 project bags.
Here are 7 projects in various stages of being started.  (I don't think that sentence makes much sense.  The front left floral bag is my sock knitting bag.  The bag behind it is for my mitered square afghan.  Center front bad is Sandbar Shawl, and there are two bags behind both with Custom Fit sweaters.  The front right bag is my Guernsey shawl.  Behind the shawl is the start of an owl blanket and lastly is a big chunky cowl.

I only wish I could knit and quilt at the same time.

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