Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yarn Report Week 14

I can't even pretend to hide my love affair of yarn.  There are a few on line challenges that I want to do.  So of course I didn't have enough stash to cover the projects.
The three skeins on the left are Dream in Color Calm in Purple Rain.  One of my DD's would like a pair of leg warmers and fingerless mitts.

The eight skeins on the right are Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in Blueberry for my first ever custom fit sweater.

The bright yellow is Blue Sky Worsted Cotton for an Eat Sleep Knit second quarter challenge.

Yarn in this week:  12 skeins
Yarn out this week:  0
Yarn in YTD:  27 skeins
Yarn Out YTD:  11.5