Sunday, April 27, 2014

On the Needles Friday on Sunday

"A day late and a dollar short"  keeps running through my brain!!!  I can't seem to get on track.
Unlike quilting, I can only work on one knitting project at a time.  I think this is good.  Our three daughters like leg warmers and mitts when they run.  Now that winter is (almost) over and summer knocking at our door,  I am making progress on the leg warmers!  See what I mean by a day late, etc.

The yarn is Dream in Color Calm and the color is Purple Rain.  I purchased the yarn at Eat Sleep Knit, one of my favorite on- line sources for yarn.  I am having fun participating in the Yarnathon.  The pattern is Twirl Leg Warmers and Mitts from Misti alpaca

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  1. Nice! I like that online shop, too, not that I need any more yarn or anything like that. LOL It's been a cool and rainy spring here, so you may not be as late as you think with the leg warmers. In fact my MN sister had 12" of snow on her car last week. Luckily it's melted now.