Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's Cooking

This week's mystery ingredient--CREAMED CORN--UGH.   There is a reason for the UGH.  Back in the day, Catholics didn't eat meat on Fridays.  My dad,  God bless his soul, did not like fish or pasta.  His favorite Friday night dinner was mashed potatoes, stewed tomatoes and creamed corn.       I have used creamed corn in corn chowder, which I love.  But it isn't a favorite with the big guy.  Now I like corn bread and remember seeing some recipes that use creamed corn.  I found this one on food network--triple corn bread by Gina and Pat Neely.

It was very tasty.  When I make it again,  I think I will use buttermilk and baby sweet corn instead of the large kernals.  I served with homemade chicken vegetable soup.  The big guy ate some and declared it good!!!


  1. Now this post made me smile!! LONG AGO, in Catholic school--I remember being served creamed corn on Fridays. Served over mashed potatoes. UGH Usually with fish sticks. I still shudder when I see creamed corn.

  2. Definitely a recipe to try! Thanks Beth!