Monday, January 2, 2012

UFO Challenge

Judy of Patchwork times graciously reopened the sign-up for her UFO Challenge.  When i was getting my list together, I looked at projects I keep putting on the back shelf even though I like them.  My number assignment was random.  Some will hopefully be finished.  But some of the projects are just a collection of blocks.  #5 on my list is an Amish Euro Swap from 2008.  It was my first attempt at an international block swap. Looking at the blocks again brought back many pleasant memories.  My contribution to the swap is the block in the center--a goldenrod yellow.  I think the pattern is cactus rosebud.  The block off to the left will become part of the label.  Each participant included a 5 inch block of their color as well as a signature patch.  I am hoping to have the top and backing assembled by January 31.

I had every intention of sewing this afternoon but decided to "pick up a few things and put them away".  I now can see my cutting table and the floor is no longer a lethal weapon.  I can walk freely without fear of tripping.


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