Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash report Week 5

I must admit I started out the New Year with BIG plans to finish stuff!!!  I have done very little sewing since the holidays--more knitting than quilting.  I am trying to knit socks.  I did knit up a couple of Christmas Stockings and a pair of baby socks.  Now I am working on a grown up pair of socks on size 1 needles.  I feel like I am knitting with toothpicks!!!

Fabric in this week: 0
Fabric out this week: 0
Fabric in YTD: 4
Fabric out YTD: 0

I think I may start keeping track of yarn.  It might help me fell like I am making progress.

I will be "gifting" some fabric and yarn.  I have been very busy cleaning, sorting and de-cluttering in general. 

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