Saturday, April 16, 2016

What's Next

As promised in the last post, I promised more of "no sharp objects for me this week".

Machine quilting and I struggle.  But I am determined to be able to do it.  I basted a quilt top that I had made last and wanted to stitch in the ditch.  My walking foot is ready to go and I can kind of sew a straight line.
It is a little bulky but manageable.  I was carefully clipping my basting threads as I stitched. (This was the first time I had used boards to baste my quilt.  I think I like it)  Each time I clipped a thread, I told myself  BE CAREFUL.  LIFT THE STITCH.

Not only did I clip the quilt top, but there is also a lovely V-clip on my finger.  The machine has been turned off.  The scissors are safely locked up.  Someone else will have to carve the ham tonight.

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