Friday, August 21, 2015

On the Needles Friday

It took a little longer than I thought to recover from this GI virus.  But now it is time to fess up.  I took inventory of what I am doing.  I couldn't understand why I wasn't finishing anything.  Now I know!!

We have a knitting group that meets twice a week.  Tues is for drop in knitting and Thurs is for the Great American Aran Afghan (GAAA) BOM or sock club.

I cast on block 8 for my GAAA.  This group meets the 3rd Thurs. of the month.
When the GAAA isn't meeting we have sock club.  this seems to be the only time I work on socks.  I just have the heels left to finish and then I can cast on another pair.
The shop owner of my LYS asked me to teach a Celtic Cowl class.  I think I have finally finished the details of the pattern and I have started knitting it.  The yarn has cashmere in it and is lovely to work with.
The mitered square blanket is my Tues. drop in project.  No counting is involved and I can be part of the many conversations that are going on around the table.

I put the Guernsey Triangle away for a little while.  I can work on it once I catch up with those other projects.

I definitely need to focus and finish!!!  I am off to visit Judy's blog to get a few more ideas.

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  1. You DO have a lot of projects started. Reminds me of my quilting things. It's easy to start new projects though. You will get them finished eventually I know. Your sock yarn looks like fun.