Friday, August 16, 2013

Knitting Report Week 32 (even though I am just starting today)

One of my all time favorite blogs to visit is JudyL at Patchwork Times.  I'm a city girl, she is a country girl who has made me want to visit Texas.  She gets more done in one day than I do in a month of Sundays.  She has many great, creative, funs ideas and I usually find myself jumping in feet first.

Quilters have fabric stashes and knitters have yarn stash.  Personally,. I prefer calling these "collections"  my 401K plans.  My yarn tucked away in a good size walk in closet.

This is just what is visible  Do I NEED to buy more yarn/  ABSOLUTELY not.  Will I?  To be truthful I do have a few committments.  And I must honor these promises. 

Like Judy, I signed up for The Loopy Ewe Fall giftables club.  My first package arrived today.  Isn't is beautiful.  I am waiting for the pattern that is part of the package.  It is a pair of fingerless mitts.  Judy introduced me to TLE over a year ago.  It was love at first purchase and I have been going strong ever since.

So in order to hold myself accountable with yarn purchases,  I am going to join Judy on Fridays with a knitting report.

Skeins in this week: 1
Skeins used this week: 1
New Patterns:  2

I signed up to take part in Plucktember with the Plucky Knitter.  I will be knitting Lowbrow hat and cowl.  The yarn should be arriving any day!!!

This by far the longest post I have ever written.


  1. What a brave lady to show your yarn stash. Me, not so brave or my yarn is spread out between two different rooms.

  2. You are so good! Love all your pictures. Do you know what you've caused me to do? Join the Plucky Knitters group. What started out as a plan to stop buying yarn may not work so well for me after all! :)