Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting Inspired

I look forward to checking in on the blogs I like follow.  And I love how one blog leads to another!!  There are challenges and motivations everywhere in blogland.  I have always been a "list" person.  Writing it down and then being able to cross it off when done is very satisfying.  I haven't always applied this tactic to my needlework.  But now is the time to set goals, hopefully stop staring new UFO's.  I found the FMQ challenge on SewCals blog and couldn't resist.  I wrote about the Crazy quilting Journal Project--couldn't resist that either!!!  The stash busting report on Judy L's site has grabbed me sine I started reading her blog.  But the very methodical part of me won't let start until January 1.  (I am more type A than I would ever like to admit.)  And when on Judy's site this AM I was reading another person's report when what did I see but another challenge--using notions and gadgets that have been waiting!!  I will post that site as soon as I go back.

So, while "my boys" are enjoying Sunday football, I am going to my sewing haven and inventory what is in progress, prioritizing (ugh not a nice word for stuff I love) what I want to work on.  I think I will identfy categories;  Piecing, Applique, Knitting, Stitchery, etch and then maybe put no more than 5 in each one.

P.S.   All of this organizing, prioritizing,m categorizing could be the fever talking.  I forgot to mention that on Thanksgiving Day I came down with the FLU..Everything from that day until today is a blur!!!.  Hmm I wonder how far I will get with this project today--or is it a dream!!


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  1. Oh my goodness, you are going to be busy! I'm sticking to only 2 challenges and I'll have my own working lists too.