Sunday, September 4, 2011

I was reading an earlier post from Judy L and liked her goal setting ideas.  I have always been a list writer for daily and weekly goals.  I love crossing things off lists.  But lately my lists don't allow me to see immediate results.  I need instant gratification!!!

I was going to wait until january to start a stash reduction recording.  After trying to organize my sewing room I realize I must start NOW!!!  So my confession for this week is:

Fabric In:  3.5 yards
Fabric Out:  0
YTD: 0

I do mostly applique, so it is hard to calculate what I use in a week. 

I am trying to use my stash for any new projects.  But I am joining my sister in 2 weeks to attend a quilt show in the Phila. area.  I can be strong but I think that is asking to much!

I hope to post something on design wall Monday tomorrow!


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