Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Goals

Since we sold our condo in a record 10 days, I knew not to plan on accomplishing much on the knitting and quilting front.

There are boxes everywhere!  The movers will be hear July 10.  This move to an apartment is temporary.  We will eventually have an in-law suite with Miss Katie and her family.  July is down size move #1.

I have had a trip planned to visit Miss Meg and the boys in VA for six months.  Probably not the best time to go away but I have been looking forward to this trip for months.  After a few days with them I will take a train to Phila to visit my family and then go to the Big Guys 50th reunion from the University of Scranton.  The Big Guy will stay home do some packing until it is time for the reunion.  I have high expectations of finishing both knitting projects while on a plane and in a train.

Open Air Shawl


  1. Patchwork Times Challenge for May is #11--Aunt Grace's Garden Party--packed away
  2. Architexture Shawl--on the needles
  3. Book:  In the Woods--3/4 read

  1. Pack to move
  2. Visit DD in VA and Family in PA
  3. Book:  In the Woods
  4. Open Air Shawl