Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

The first day of the New Year is the first day of the week.  It seems to have a specialness about it.  While our family will be facing some challenges this year we also have some very nice events coming up.  The most important a new grandbaby who can come at any time.

I have written about my list making compulsion in the past and it is as strong as ever today.  I have a quilting and knitting blueprint for the year. 

But like Judy, I am going to post my first stash report of 2017 with everything at zero. No yarn or fabric in or out this beautiful first day of January. 

And my numbers for 2016 aren't too bad. 

Fabric in 2016:  40.5 yards
Fabric out 2016:  94.75

Yarn in 2016:  20106 yards
Yarn out in 2016:  11223 yards


  1. A fresh year deserves a clean slate!

  2. Great fabric stash numbers! Hopefully you'll even the score on your yarn stash in 2017. Have a great year!