Sunday, December 18, 2016

Judy's UFO Challenge

Judy at Patchwork Times has posted a UFO Challenge for 2017.  And like many quilters I have more UFO's than I care to admit!!  Here are my 12 projects that I will work on.

1. Home Tweet Home--11 of 12 blocks are done.  Needs to be assembled, sandwiched, quilted, binding, label,

2. Owl Strippy Quilt-- needs quilting, binding.  This will be a donation quilt for our NICU project.

3. Revolutionary Flare--top done.  Needs quilting, binding and label.  This is from  2015 from an Embroidery Machine Quilt Club.

4. Joy of Life Applique 4 blocks done 5 to go plus quilting, binding and label.  I fell as though I started this in a past life!

5. Aunt Mindy's Flower Garden-another top done that needs quilting and binding.
Needs quilting and binding.  This is a hand-stitched red work quilt that was started in another life-time.

6. 30's Four Patch Euro Swap.  Several years ago (probably almost ten years ago, I participated in a European Swap.  I love the top which I put together a few year ago.  It needs borders, quilting and binding.

7. Guild Sampler.  Needs quilting and binding.  Have you noticed I have started leaving off the label.  I suppose that should be a given.  But I am not always good about labels.

8. Underground Railroad.  I have 6 completed blocks.  I am not sure I will make anymore.  I had been thinking to make it larger.  But I think it is time to finish it.
9.  Leftover Jelly Roll.  Someone, somewhere gave me a bunch of 2 1/2 inch strips.  I put together a little lap quilt that needs to be quilted and bound.  I think I will try out some machine embroidery quilting and use it as a donation quilt.

10. Vintage Valentine.  This quilt was started 3 life times ago!  I have barely started hand quilting it.  I thought by adding it to the list, I would at least put in a few stitches.
This will be on every UFO list for next 20 years
11.  Aunt Grace's Garden Party.  Another large project that needs finishing.

12.  Labels for completed quilts.  I have several quilts that need labels.  This is true confession time.  I am not always good about labeling what I do.  I counted 5 quilts that need labels.


  1. I'm not good about labels either, at least on quilts I keep. Most quilts I give away have labels.

  2. LOL - I laughed when I read about Vintage Valentines. It reminds me of the one I've been hand quilting for 30 years. Welcome to the club! You have some gorgeous projects there.