Monday, August 1, 2016

August Goals aka Hopes and Dreams

I am not disappointed with July.  Especially when I consider that I had cataract surgery on both eyes.  Those procedures really cut into my quilting, knitting and reading plans.

The items in green represent things I did that I hadn't planned on.  Sometimes I have a short attention span and drift into other areas.

July 2017
  1. Continue working on Cape Cod sweater--making progress
  2. Block 14 Great American Aran Afghan--finished 14, 15, 16, 17!!!
  3. Complete My Tweets quilt top--needs borders
  4. Complete 3 blocks for Color Safari Embroidery quilt BOM--done
  5. Applique block 5 of Joy of Life
  6. Set up and read my first Kindle book:  The Ritual Bath by Faye Kellerman--love my Kindle.
  7. Read:  A is for Alibi. Death Til Us Purl.
August 2016
  1. Borders for My Tweets
  2. Applique Block 5 of Joy of Life
  3. Great American Afghan--2 more blocks
  4. Finish Cape Cod sweater
  5. Read:  Sacred and Profane
  6. Complete quilting, binding and label on Farm Life quilt.
I wonder how many "green" projects I will have this month.

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