Sunday, January 31, 2016

February Wish List

I have decided that my Get it Done list sounded menacing.  Now I will refer to my monthly list as a Wish List.  It is a little road map to help me focus but I know other things will come up or I may just want to stray.

January 2016
  1. Maize Mitts for TCK KAL--done
  2. Spiral Cowl for ESK January KAL--hibernating
  3. Ambiguous Cowl Knit Purl Hunter Progressive KAL--done
  4. Block 5 of Joy of Life--started
  5. Send String Quilt to Longarmer--needs binding and a label
  6. GAAA BOM finish block 9
  7. Machine Embroider 2 Birdhouse blocks for Guild Challenge
February 2016
  1. Assemble Embroidery Club quilt top
  2. GAAA BOM  block 9
  3. Machine embroider 2 Birdhouse blocks for Guild Challenge
  4. Little Mr. C's ear flap hat
  5. ESK February KAL--Starfighter hat
  6. Complete Block 5 Joy of Life
  7. Bind and label black and white string quilt
  8. Read The Cake Therapist and Bella Fortuna

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