Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10 Things On Your Summer 2015 Bucket List.

I love summer and I love making lists!!!  And after the winter we had I don't want to waste one precious minute of this season.

  1. Plant a little herb garden on my little back deck. (A big deal for a city girl.)
  2. Walk the marginal way in Ogunquit Maine. (I love Maine's rocky coast.)
  3. Practice outdoor photography. (I need photography lessons.)
  4. Log 10000 steps at least 4 days a week. (I am a slug.)
  5. Tidy up the garage. (Out of sight out of mind.)
  6. Make time for  friends.  (I can be a hermit.)
  7. Don't let the weeds take over #1.
  8. Prepare for a trip to Italy in September.
  9. Spend time on our screened indoor porch especially when it is raining with my knitting.
  10. Prepare fresh veggies from the farm stands and have them ready for snacking. 
I realize as I write this, that I spend very little time outside.  Winter will be here soon enough.  I want to spend more time outdoors and moving around.


  1. Herbs that like me are: basil in the sun, thyme and sage grow well for me in chicago.

  2. Soak up all the summer sunshiine you can!!! Enjoy!