Sunday, March 15, 2015

To do in March

The past three weeks have been a blur.  The Big Guy slipped on the ice and tore his hamstrings in his right thigh!!!  He is in considerable pain.  His MD is looking at a 6-12 month recuperation.  We have reached the age where we don't bounce back the same as when we were younger.

I still can't believe March is halfway done! I had actually started this post last week, never finished it and decided not to bore you with corrections and strike outs---too many.

February 2015
  1. Assemble Yellow Brick Road quilt
  2. Quilt Petal Swap--working on it 
  3. ESK Chunky KAL Latte coat for Little Mr. C
  4. Great American Aran Afghan Block 2--needs to be redone
  5. Hoot Quilt top:  quilted and bound just needs a label
  6. Pot of Gold Socks found, finished and  gifted
March 2015
  1. Finish Petal Swap quilt:  quilting, binding and label
  2. Aran Afghan redo block 2 and do block 3
  3. Nova Felted Mittens for ESK Felted KAL
  4. Labels for Snowman Quilt and Judy's Mystery Quilt
  5. Select fabric and start construction of Pat Sloan's String Bean Challenge


  1. I am sorry to hear about your husband's accident. It sounds like a terribly painful thing. I know, first hand, how much harder it is to get over this type of thing as we age. Several years ago, I suffered several ribs spontaneously fracturing. It happened so shockingly and suddenly, but recovery certainly was anything but sudden. Thought the excruciating pain would never end. I hope your poor husband heals more quickly! It looks as though you got a lot accomplished, even with all that going on. Have a great week!

  2. You achieved so much in February. I hope your husband's recovery goes well. Poor guy- every man I know hates to be laid up.

  3. what an awful accident and nearly a year to recover. sending get well thoughts.