Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

10 Fictional Characters to invite for dinner.

1. Conor Larkin from Trinity by Leon Uris.  My family roots are in Donegal.  And I remember stories told by the Uncles of how things were.  I think Conor would strip away the romantic notions that have come down.

2. High King Brian Boru from Lion of Ireland, by the American-Irish author Morgan Llewellyn.  I  love Irish history. 

3. Francie Nolan from Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

4. Abbie Deal from A Lantern in Her Hand by Bess Streeter Aldrich.  A story of homesteading and settling Nebraska.

5. May Dodd from One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd by

I would want all of these lovely ladies to tell me everything about the times they lived in.


  1. That would be quite the dinner party! Wasn't this a fun prompt!

  2. Very interesting dinner party! Can I come too!

    Linda in VA

  3. I'm not familiar with most of your list, but the names I do know are fascinating!

  4. What a dinner party that would be!
    Fascinating list.