Monday, February 9, 2015


What a lovely three weeks!!!!  A  blizzard to let us know it really is winter in New England followed by another "significant"  snow event.  Last week a dusting turned out to be another 6 inches.  And Sunday we started a "prolonged snow event".
 Instead of knitting or sewing to my hearts content, I became obsessed with reorganizing my sewing room.  Not that it needed it!

Unfortunately if a flat service is near me, I put stuff on it, under it and around it.  I have touched every piece of fabric I own.  It is now folded neatly around cardboard of folded to fit into one of the wire drawers.

I am a very happy girl!!!


  1. Your cabinets look great! Isn't it funny how at one moment we just can't take it anymore?

    1. With more snow coming who knows what I will tackle next!

  2. I think that organizing the sewing room is as much fun as sewing in it..... Love when it is all neat.. Happens???????? Suddenly there is no place to put as much as a cup of tea...
    Oh, that's right, it is called CREATING.........

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