Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

I love preparing for and starting a New Year.  It makes me happy.  What will I do, where will I go, what will I read--the list goes on and on.
Our task for this post is to write 10 intentions for the coming year.  I like the idea of intentions.  Intention is a kind and gentle word, not harsh or demanding.

My intentions for the coming year are:
  1. Laugh more.
  2. Move more:  I belong to the I hate to exercise club.  I intend to climb on my elliptical aka The Beast for 10 minutes 3 times a week.  Not a lofty intention but do-able-I hope.
  3. Make one new recipe a week from the hundreds  I have clipped and saved.
  4. Participate in Loopy Academy. I am almost finished Semester 1.  I am a little behind but I know I will catch up this month.
  5. Participate in Eat Sleep Knit's Yarnathon.  Like fabric a girl can never have too much yarn.
  6. Complete 10 quilting projects.  I think I know the first five are UFO's
  7. Use more fabric than I purchase.
  8. Use more yarn than I purchase.
  9. Improve my photography skills. (That won't take much, I am pretty bad with a camera.)
  10. Blog at least 3 times a week.
Now, I will visit Carol's blog to see what others intend to do this year.  And I will probably find a few intentions to add to my list.


  1. I found a lot of intentions on other blogs that I'm mentally adding into mine!

    Linda in VA

    1. I was doing the same. I love seeing what others want to accomplish.

  2. I thought about taking an Adult Education enrichment class to learn to quilt. But I'm so new and enthusiastic with knitting, I'll wait before I try quilting.

  3. Great list, Beth. Stick with the exercising -- baby steps!

  4. Great list! I've been adding new items to my list, too. :) I like your #3. I just organized all my printouts into notebooks and figured I should start making more of them. Tonight was white chicken chili and it was a keeper. :)

    1. Good luck. I didn't make much progress this week.