Monday, July 7, 2014

June's progress and July's promise

Already a week into July!!!  My list for July is a little ambitious considering we will be going on vacation.  But the knitting will go with me.

  1. BOM Tell it to the Stars, Head to Toe and Wayside Embroidery Club
  2. Pinctada Cowl for Camp Loopy
  3. Fleece blanket with wolf machine embroidery:  2 motifs completed
  4. Make a Brick and Mortar top for Guild program
  5. Design and assemble top of Guild challenge blocks
  1. BOM Tell It to the Stars and Wayside Embroidery
  2. Little Mr. C's blanket Camp Loopy #2
  3. Little Mr. C's Hoot Quilt
  4. Cast on Eat Sleep Knit 3rd quarter challenge--Abernathy Sweater
  5. Finish Mr. T's Wolf throw
  6. Forever Blooming Applique project
  7. Bind Mystery Medallion and make a label

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