Monday, June 2, 2014

Get it Done May/June

Can you believe the year is almost half over!  It seems like yesterday that I was setting goals for the year.  Life sure can get in the way sometimes.  And I must admit, it doesn't bother me.  I have to realize that I am more flexible with life's ups and downs than I ever gave myself credit for.  Rather than seeing my plans as over-extending myself.  I have chosen to think that I set the bar high.  Do you find yourself starting or working on things that you never intended.  I added some items in blue that were not planned--they just happened.  What will be in blue next month?????

  1. BOM--Schoolhouse, Tell it to the Stars, Head to Toe and Wayside Embroidery Club
  2. Work on Forever Blooming from P3 designs--on hold
  3. Cast on Cardipalooza
  4. Finish the Twirl leg warmers and mitts
  5. Complete 4 blocks of Puppy Quilt--not yet
  6. Baste a Quilt top--not yet
  7. Wolf embroidery for Mr. TAM
  8. Organize yarn (it was intense but necessary)
  9. Be with DD who started chemo
  10. Dropping everything when you need to be a Mom, Sister, Auntie, Friend
  1. BOM Tell it to the Stars, Head to Toe and Wayside Embroidery Club
  2. Pinctada Cowl for Camp Loopy
  3. Fleece blanket with wolf machine embroidery
  4. Make a Brick and Mortar top for Guild program
  5. Design and assemble top of Guild challenge blocks

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  1. I don't seemed to be getting anything finished recently as I have been getting so sidetracked with other things. Never mind it makes for an interesting life.