Thursday, April 3, 2014

Get it done

I haven't been nearly as productive as I would have liked this month.  When it comes to needle turn applique I can never keep up if it is a BOM.  But that doesn't stop me. 

I messed up big time on the Gramps Cardigan and will have to take it back.  The baby shower is next week and I know it won't be done.  It is unusual for me not to finish a knitting project.  While I may have many quilts and needle work projects going at one time, I only have one knitting project on the needles.

March 2014
  1. Forever Blooming:  Finish February's block and work on March's block
  2. Gramp's Cardigan--need to restart
  3. Owl machine embroidered quilt--on hold the new mom now has a puppy theme
  4. Tell it to the Stars BOM
  5. Schoolhouse BOM
  6. Underground Railroad BOM
  7. CQJP 2014 March Block--on hold
  8. Sharon B's Encrusted Crazy Quilt--an online class I hope to keep up with--did not keep up with it
April 2014

  1. BOM--Schoolhouse, Tell it to the Stars, Head to Toe, Wayside Embroidery Club and Underground Railroad
  2. Swatch and start Cushman Cardigan for Cardipalooza
  3. Complete top for Baby Kelly's  Puppy  Quilt
  4. Work on Forever Blooming
  5. Quilt Michael's car quilt
  6. Tooth fairy pillow for Mia
  7. Eat Sleep Knit Robot challenge

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