Monday, March 17, 2014

Weigh in Monday

I started my Weight Watcher's journey July 1.  To say my progress is slow is an understatement.  Maybe setting goals on my blog will help me focus and be accountable.  The past 2 weeks I went up a little.  So today, I am setting the reset button--again!  But that is ok. 
  • This isn't a diet but a lifestyle.  I buy that hook, line and sinker!!!
  • I am basically a slug.  I love to sit at my sewing machine or sit and knit or needlework. 
This month's routine is ACTIVITY.  A few of us at our meeting have resolved to move during TV commercials.  I worked on that routine last week and did fairly well.  I am lucky if I earn 2 activity points a week--yep you read that right--a week not a day!

My goals for this week:
  • Go up and down the stairs 7/day
  • Move during TV commercial e.g. weights, clean something
  • Track every little morsel that crosses these lips.

1 comment:

  1. This winter has been brutal for me with weight gain/not exercising. I just got a FitBit One tracker last week that counts my steps and it has really motivated me to move rather than sit on my butt. I'm tracking my food on MyFitnessPal...what an eye opener. Good luck!