Sunday, March 16, 2014

My New Machine

I posted awhile back that I bought a new machine.  I am madly in love (sorry Sweetie!)  It has a bucket load of bells and whistles and I plan on using every single one of them.  My main reason for buying it was for the embroidery component.  I was getting a little frustrated with my other machine only because it was older and a  little limited. 
Let me introduce you to my newest edition, Viking Diamond Deluxe. I brought her home Oct 31.
I can't believe it has been four and a half months.  It is easy to use and navigate.  Every day I learn something new about this amazing machine.  One of my favorite features is a built in 1/4 inch stitch.  No special foot is required.  The fabric has full contact with the feed dogs for a great feed under the foot.

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