Sunday, March 2, 2014

Get it Done

I know I have too many projects lined up for the month.  But I don't feel as though I have failed in any way.  I have decided to postpone the Hexie BOM since I am starting an on-line crazy quilt class.
  1. CQPJ 2014 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project) February Block--just a little stitching
  2. Underground Railroad BOM
  3. Schoolhouse Quilters BOM
  4. Tell it to the Stars Mystery BOM
  5. Hexie BOM--project on hold. 
  6. Forever Blooming BOM--working on it
  7. Complete binding on Mystery Medallion--didn't even start
  8. Quilt and Bind Pinwheel Quilt
March 2014
  1. Forever Blooming:  Finish February's block and work on March's block
  2. Gramp's Cardigan
  3. Owl machine embroidered quilt
  4. Tell it to the Stars BOM
  5. Schoolhouse BOM
  6. Underground Railroad BOM
  7. CQJP 2014 March Block
  8. Sharon B's Encrusted Crazy Quilt--an online class I hope to keep up with.

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