Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Today is a wonderful day

Happy New Year

For some reason I woke up energized to begin a new year.  Last year was a good year with a few valleys.  But ups and downs are a part of life.  Moving on is good with me and I try to learn from those events that aren't pleasant.

Last week I outlined some plans for the coming year.  And I discovered a few more that I want to add.  I know I won't succeed with all of them but I like the idea of "living up to"  instead of "living down to".

I am a fan of Pearl Perreira's Applique and will add her new project, Forever Blooming, to my list.  I know I want to use batiks in pretty flower colors.  Later this afternoon, I will pull some of my stash and give you an idea.  I am hoping most if not all of the fabric will come from my stash.

There are three areas that I want to concentrate on this year:
Improve and expand my blogging skills
Turn UFO's into FO's
Actively participate in Weight Watchers.
Are any of you on a Weight Watcher journey?  I started July 1 and my progress is very slow.  A few of my downfalls are carbs, lack of activity, and not tracking.

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