Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Getting It Done December

I think I need to review my list during the month.  I wrote it at the beginning and then never looked at it again!!  I kept getting sidetracked. 

1. Complete the top of Aunt Grace's Garden party--almost
2. Complete brown and gold cowl
3. Complete Return to Square One Medallion Quilt top
4. Machine quilt Pinwheel quilt, bind and label--not even close.
I will just move a few things over to next month and probably add a few more.

My list for January 2014:
  1. Love to Knit Sampler Baby Blanket
  2. CQPJ 2014 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project) January Block
  3. Joy of Life:  appliqué one block
  4. Underground Railroad BOM
  5. Schoolhouse Quilters BOM
  6. Tell it to the Stars Mystery BOM

1 comment:

  1. I really like your journaling ideas for your knitting and quilting projects. I keep track of my quilts on an Excel spreadsheet.... when I remember to update it! Lists keep me going, too, and you are right.... I have to remember to look at them! Happy New Year and may you add many quilting and knitting stitches to your day!