Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting it Done November

Not as productive as I would have liked but I did knit a charity hat.  Hopefully my December list will be more manageable.

I like organizing my plans for the month even if I don't complete the tasks.  It helps me set goals and keeps me focused. 

Visit Judy's blog to see what others would like to do.

1. Complete two rows of Aunt Grace's Garden Party
2. Knit Chunky Cable Headband--didn't start
3. Cast on Fantasy Naturale Baby sweater--didn't get to that either
4. Work on Black and White String Blocks--I sense a pattern here--didn't touch it!

1. Complete the top of Aunt Grace's Garden party
2. Complete brown and gold cowl
3. Complete Return to Square One Medallion Quilt top
4. Machine quilt Pinwheel quilt, bind and label


  1. I have months like that, but you are right. It's good to focus, even if I don't finish goals.

  2. The black and white string blocks sound intriquing! Having these goals really helps me. Good luck in December.

  3. Same here, so this month I'm only setting one goal and here we are on the 5th day already and I haven't touched my project yet!