Sunday, June 30, 2013

Get It Done

A little progress has been made!!!  It was a very busy month with our daughter's wedding shower out of state, visiting family while on the road and house guest this month.  Three out of the four weeks were a total lose for sewing and my one Bernina has been in for servicing for a month.  So considering all of this, I think I did fairly well.

1. June BOM Mystery Medallion
2. Campy Loopy Project June--Kimono Wrap Infant Sweater
3. Catch up with Baltimore revisited--I am even more behind!!!
4. Bind PB's Cupcake quilt
5. Piece Hocuspocusville top--still waiting

1. Camp Loopy Project #2--Pine Forest baby Blanket
2. Summer Wind Infinity Scarf
3. BOM Mystery Medallion
4. Catch up with Baltimore Revisited
5. Piece Hocuspocusville top
6. Complete 10 Heartstring Blocks

1 comment:

  1. With all the problems you had in June, or lack of time anyway, you did really well! I hope July is a more sewing-intense month.