Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get it Done January

Get it Done is Judy L's way of helping us (me) accomplish my quilting tasks.  I am a list maker.  I have notebooks with all kinds of lists--grocercies, housework, knitting, genealogy research, and several others!  Writing things down and then crossing them off the list givens me a sense of accomplishment.  It it weren't for my lists,  I would be scattered and never finish anything.  I jolingly tell my friends that I developed adult-onset ADHD.

My list has to be realistic for me because enjoying the process is most important.  What you don't see in the lists are my knitting goals.  I may  have to start sneaking them in.  Handwork is my night-time activity.

1. Finish the purple heartstrings quilt top. Sent to Mollie
2. Design and construct the borders and backing for Farm Life quilt
3. Finish Wrapped Up in Sports charity quilt
4. Complete QOV top to be started on Jan 1 2013 SAL
5. Keep up to date on Medallion Mystery
6.  Complete Pavement Reversible Cable Scarf

1. Keep up to date on Medallion Mystery
2. QOV String Quilt--never even started it in Jan
3. Sandwich Farm Life Quilt
4. Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt--complete blocks 1-20
5. Complete Antler hat--Loopy Ewe 1st quarter challenge
6. Cast on Little Miss M's new purple sweater

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  1. Congratulations = you've checked off quite a few project accomplishments!